143 Commits (v1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  hemmer eecf851223 Version bump ahead of release 2 years ago
  hemmer 213f5b7cc7 Fixed bug where context menu was wired incorrectly 2 years ago
  Ewan 0d92e822a2
Merge pull request #23 from hemmer/v1 2 years ago
  hemmer 90be52bbf3 Reverted DC removal changes to EvenVCO 2 years ago
  hemmer 5f5448b900 Use proper simd function for Morphader 2 years ago
  hemmer 9f6ce79c2a Addressing review comments 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 6d90388dc7 Fix SpringReverb LEVEL2_PARAM label. 2 years ago
  hemmer 39aa3d9cd3 Removed .yml ahead of pull request to upstream 2 years ago
  hemmer 0dcf53d4b0 ADSR: Custom ParamQuantity for Trig/Gate 2 years ago
  hemmer a342b799db EvenVCO: remove DC offset from pulse out 2 years ago
  hemmer 81e2dbba6e Muxlicer: All In can actually also act as All Out on hardware, so implement that here 2 years ago
  hemmer be48d97700 Mex: update to allow multiple Mex's 2 years ago
  hemmer 7c9fcae02b Muxlicer improvements 2 years ago
  hemmer 5934de0200 STMix: update knob colour 2 years ago
  hemmer 2fa45f0392 Muxlicer: made clock options static variable (rather than function which was daft) 2 years ago
  hemmer 17b9fbd589 Muxlicer: tap tempo now in context menu 2 years ago
  hemmer c47e8eb6e0 STMix: apply exponential mapping to the gain 2 years ago
  hemmer 0da2c26254 Mex: gate in acts as a SchmittTrigger 2 years ago
  hemmer 96e747696a Muxlicer: adding polyphony, plus some cleanup 2 years ago
  hemmer 1b837cfb78 Added Muxlicer / Mex expander 2 years ago
  hemmer ddd9ad94a4 Make STMix polyphonic 2 years ago
  hemmer 10608586ac Added STMix (mono only so far) 2 years ago
  hemmer b4c82a401f Added first pass at VC ADSR 2 years ago
  hemmer 34933da038 Tuning of Morphader 2 years ago
  hemmer c1cacbdd74 Added first pass at Morphader 2 years ago
  hemmer 696bbc2c6f Updating Sampling Modulator after having access to hardware 2 years ago
  hemmer 5c64be9523 Re-instate github actions 2 years ago
  hemmer 98e2fddef0 Added Sampling Modulator prototype 2 years ago
  hemmer 308823d0d2 Bump version number in order to release bugfix 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt a0acea01b4 Rewrite ABC. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt dafb8da64e Add spaces to module names. Add manualUrl for all modules. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 3b80c5cdd3
Merge pull request #20 from hemmer/v1 2 years ago
  hemmer cf6e6d9a34 Addressing review comments 2 years ago
  hemmer 26c4405ee7 Removed a couple of missed float_4 casts 2 years ago
  hemmer 411ec729b7 Addressing review comments 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt ff78c73955 Code cleanup. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt a2cca6f236 Replace readme screenshots with VCV Library link. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 5df6cf1171 Use Polyphonic tag instead of its alias Poly. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt a9a0e4d314 plugin.hpp is intended for shared plugin-wide symbols so Common.hpp is redundant. 2 years ago
  hemmer c22e022e6a Remove lots of boilerplate by using set/getPolyVoltageSimd instead 2 years ago
  hemmer 0647a715fb Cleaning up polyphony post merge 2 years ago
  hemmer f8d8381051 Merge branch 'v1-poly' into v1 2 years ago
  hemmer 8e19c4da31 Cleanup of SpringReverb 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 196539911c Fix formatting and other code quality issues. Bump version to 1.1.0 instead of 1.0.1. 4 years ago
  martin-lueders 113d7b05f0 version number update -> 1.0.1 4 years ago
  martin-lueders 2f176da2d2 slewlimiter bug fixed 4 years ago
  martin-lueders fe50e81e5c Code cleanup 4 years ago
  Martin 2d6786660b Bugfix in PulseGenerator_4 4 years ago
  Martin c1241f6cc8 fixed seg fault in channelMask.apply* 4 years ago
  Martin 0cb2d2e6bd Polyphony finished 4 years ago