1329 Commits (23fab4f1bbb71e5df3aac24680f7341f3fc00ff0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  moret 2485a02d42 Add JackNetInterface class hierarchy to share code between slave/master 15 years ago
  moret 56ad4a93d4 Cleanup 15 years ago
  moret cc29f2c766 Fill NetAdapter using JackNetSlaveInterface class. 15 years ago
  moret f630c4eb92 Add JackNetSlaveInterface, base class for netjack slave management (netdriver and netadapter) 15 years ago
  sletz abbf14bfe0 Remove debug code. 15 years ago
  sletz c41c5f12b8 Fix JackFrameTimer::Time2Frames and JackTimer::Frames2Time, jack_cpu compiled again. 15 years ago
  sletz 9221bc14d0 More control of refnum in JackEngine methods. 15 years ago
  moret fcc37a9fe6 Cleanup 15 years ago
  sletz a7001745bd Simplify request server close only if server is running implementation. 15 years ago
  sletz ba0d1103e1 Typo. 15 years ago
  sletz fd1321f576 Correct jack_thru and jack_simple_client. 15 years ago
  moret b4c4ad7410 Add little through example-client 15 years ago
  moret 1cdc1c58d1 More time measurment in netdriver 15 years ago
  moret 275195f153 Add fast network mode, allowing zero latency transmission when possible 15 years ago
  sletz ce5d02b5d9 Correct JackClient::Close() to request server close only if server is running. 15 years ago
  sletz e822ddc370 Close remaining client sockets in JackSocketServerChannel::Close. 15 years ago
  moret 702458a818 Improve netjack2 slow network mode 15 years ago
  sletz 774f25f574 Fix desallocation of remaining clients when server quits. 15 years ago
  moret 1e34dbb5cc Improve NetMaster 'slow mode' 15 years ago
  moret 24b28fd248 Add network modes (fast or slow) in netjack2 15 years ago
  moret 6121648e14 Correct timeout settings in netjack2 15 years ago
  moret f1cbf630d5 Minor changes in netjack2 15 years ago
  sletz 69faf9a92b Fix some assert in Linux drivers. 15 years ago
  moret a51add6c76 Add a little documentation in netjack2 source code 15 years ago
  moret 89cbe457be Correct NetDriver async mode 15 years ago
  moret 4505373ea8 Add empty NetAdapter codeblocks project 15 years ago
  moret 9b636ddc01 Fix NetDriver network error detection 15 years ago
  sletz b8d7ceffa5 Correct use of JACK_MONITOR for audioadapters. 15 years ago
  sletz 5469b1d279 Use JACK_MONITOR instead of DEBUG in audioadapters. 15 years ago
  sletz eaa3e1168f Empty JackNetAdapter is now compiled and loadable. 15 years ago
  sletz 653439c975 Fix a crash bug when desallocating a non completely created external client. 15 years ago
  moret 8a8fae0dbb Switch to better network error management in realtime process 15 years ago
  moret 5df211a245 Improve network error management 15 years ago
  sletz 2ad999fee6 Florian Faber patch for 32 bit float (LE only) support to jack's alsa driver. 15 years ago
  moret 6701f1db18 Cleanup 15 years ago
  moret fec479a87b Fix netdriver (again...) 15 years ago
  sletz a6b3bebde0 New JackNetAdapter class. 15 years ago
  moret 514725fb32 Fix NetDriver 15 years ago
  moret a29992c5be Fix NetMaster sync - Add header info for NetSlave's wrong async cycles 15 years ago
  moret 774907a24d Improve netjack sync 15 years ago
  sletz 222362160e Add missing OSX include in jackdmp.cpp and correct OSX wscript. 15 years ago
  sletz aadded5a07 Fix server client OSX special notification mechanism, CoreAudio driver compilation back for 10.4. 15 years ago
  moret 2908dd878c Add network packet id monitoring 15 years ago
  moret abb3a61a40 Cleanup 15 years ago
  moret 120b9bcc68 Fix compilation issue with NetDriver 15 years ago
  moret aa026478f1 Fix 'deprecated include' warning 15 years ago
  moret e3ceba7078 Add JackGnuPlotMonitor to JackTools - improve time monitoring for netjack2 15 years ago
  moret 1d427a83a7 Fix netmaster timing monitoring 15 years ago
  moret 70b3033877 Fix NetMonitor 15 years ago
  moret 0f3c1ed9ad Change NetMonitor data structures 15 years ago