1329 Commits (23fab4f1bbb71e5df3aac24680f7341f3fc00ff0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  sletz 23fab4f1bb Fix a SMP related bug introduced in rev 2957 : remove the __SMP__ flag and define LOCK for SMP in all cases. 15 years ago
  sletz f19b74f904 Header cleanup, add --clients and --ports options in configure. 15 years ago
  sletz f7cb7bb5d9 Checking for libsamplerate in waf, fix ticket #89. 15 years ago
  sletz 1c40770e9d Cleanup on OSX. 15 years ago
  sletz 285b645723 Correct file permission for jack-shm-registry POSIX shared memory segment. 15 years ago
  sletz 3d037195c5 Add build of jdelay in test programs. 15 years ago
  sletz 7229e54be6 In JackFifo, display error message in verbose mode only when EINTR is returned. 15 years ago
  sletz e291f37568 Define a JackShutdownCallback type, various callback related cleanup. 15 years ago
  sletz 98a789ae4f Tim Blechmann optimization patches. 15 years ago
  sletz 80e75c504c Add -u (unlock) again in jackd parameters list (even if not used yet). 15 years ago
  sletz 538f9eaab3 Update JackRouter.dll 15 years ago
  sletz 847cfa1022 Make internal functions static. 15 years ago
  sletz d7ea77e268 Cleanup on Windows. 15 years ago
  sletz 357e823209 JackRequest.h moved back to common folder. 15 years ago
  sletz 7628f71f59 Cleanup jack_port_id_t/jack_port_t mess, should work again on 64 bits machines. 15 years ago
  nedko 9e113a0712 Expose through introspection signals of D-Bus control interface 15 years ago
  nedko 92dcaddc5a Improve svnversion_regenerate.sh script to handle git-svn 15 years ago
  sletz 27b17399e7 Correct PortRegister prototype. 15 years ago
  sletz 183b591a9b Michael Voigt JackAPI cleanup patch. 15 years ago
  sletz 4806e5e7a7 Correct JackPortUnRegisterRequest. 15 years ago
  sletz 888a63ddec Cleanup JackPortRegisterResult and JackPortUnRegisterRequest structures. 15 years ago
  sletz 46f0e85794 Add -m (mlock) again in jackd paramaters list (even if not used yet). 15 years ago
  sletz 5a33ec9c8c Move JackRequest.h file in posix. 15 years ago
  sletz 3b8e4f2c23 Michael Voigt JackTime patch. 15 years ago
  sletz e4a5dade95 Correct inprocess example link step. 15 years ago
  sletz af1770a4e4 fDriverInfo as an object in JackServer class. 15 years ago
  sletz 2097c37f35 New JackDriverInfo class to cleanup driver loading code. 15 years ago
  sletz d6f99d0c03 Typo. 15 years ago
  sletz 3515c81258 Better handling of intermediate failing cases in JackServer::Open. 15 years ago
  moret 3e9e0a1212 Fix profiling recording in NetXXX files. 15 years ago
  sletz 27db4a1803 Cleanup, waf updated to version 1.4.4. 15 years ago
  sletz a1a09c6b2e Renaming 15 years ago
  sletz 3737def340 Multi-platform related cleanup. 15 years ago
  sletz 1669dfd646 Update XCode project. 15 years ago
  sletz 38e52bc576 Fix JackNetDriver::Open and JackDummyDriver::Open. 15 years ago
  sletz 661d37e0e4 Update Windows installer. 15 years ago
  sletz af9176feaa File renaming, update README. 15 years ago
  sletz 9f36ed10fe Correct Windows README. 15 years ago
  sletz e83608a4e5 Add README file in Windows installer. 15 years ago
  sletz 410cff1dca File renaming. 15 years ago
  sletz 743cb4723c Correct portaudio driver when separated devices are used in a full-duplex case, correct installer. 15 years ago
  sletz eadc9b8950 Move portaudio headers and library into the portaudio folder. 15 years ago
  sletz f4150108a8 Michael Voigt mutex cleanup patch. 15 years ago
  sletz 244d6aaace Some code cleanup. 15 years ago
  sletz 34bb208d1e Correct JackCoreAudioAdapter::Close. 15 years ago
  sletz 9d0aa7e864 Remove use of try/catch during internal client loading, set default nperiod to 2 in JackAlsaAdpter. 15 years ago
  sletz 5840c47cc0 Move init code after possibly failing allocation code in JackNetDriver::Init. 15 years ago
  sletz 819463b3b3 Change libraries name on Windows, update installer. 15 years ago
  sletz 4b49d63fe7 Update jackdmp to jackd. 15 years ago
  sletz 1c134362ad Updated with site URL. 15 years ago