158 Commits (master)

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  Andrew Belt 2fc6405883 Add stddef.h so it builds on mingw. 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt 008cceaa10 Trim trailing spaces. 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt 5f0ee86208 Separate blendish into header/source file. 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt 6d0647facb Change integer enums to macros. Move implementation macros to header macros. 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt 910847b533 Revert "Set font size from 13 to 11, to match the old size after a particular nanovg update." 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 317b10ca1a Set font size from 13 to 11, to match the old size after a particular nanovg update. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 79ec59e6bc Calculate bndLabelWidth for multiline strings. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt b706620102 Remove bevel inset 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 383f24f6ed Disable bevel 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 3d8e576f55
Merge pull request #1 from cschol/master 4 years ago
  Christoph Scholtes 708d5c36da Fix segfault when number of rows is equal to or exceeds BND_MAX_ROWS. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt df38de6d06 Use a bit of transparency in bndTransparency 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 7c6038857b Disable bndTransparency 4 years ago
  Leonard Ritter ac99b8dd4d OUI_USE_UNION_VECTORS 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 910074b91e support for squeezing items that have no set size 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 4520bf684c row also squeezes elements to minimum size 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 1dde913d18 smaller layout fixes 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 8924c3ff8d - make sure single broken element is squeezed 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 5ed186b1ba - squeeze stack when out of space 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 770ee128f8 merge 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter d9cba71feb - support for squeezing in ROW/COLUMN mode 7 years ago
  ands eefa215873 fixed multiline label positioning 7 years ago
  ands 918c547c54 got rid of the workaround, some clean-up 7 years ago
  ands 86b8b0bcca bug fixes for special cases and a workaround for an annoying nanovg text bound measuring problem if the text is empty 7 years ago
  ands 34b9106903 added screen position to text position conversion functions. useful for text field <-> mouse interactions. 7 years ago
  ands 65704818b1 removed unnecessary stuff from caret calculations. replaced tabs with spaces. 7 years ago
  ands 7df86d290b multiline caret and selection support 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter de7c405aea uiInsertBack/uiInsertFront 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 2590c89f31 node box: don't draw arrow by default 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 254df0a563 support for mouse button modifiers 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter ca7ddb25bc bend wire on vertical distance as well 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 96b0f0b44e colored wire outline inherits alpha 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 293aa68ee2 added bndColoredNodeWire 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter a019d59a93 renamed uiClear/uiLayout to uiBegin/EndLayout 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter d8f7e65c53 small fix to stages 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter cef9f45e2f added stage to debug misdirected calls 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter a81e9c7907 removed debug code 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter b04311e064 - recover item ids in hierarchies where possible 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 57110c60af added uiGetAllocSize() 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter a337155dfa added support for manually specifying item and buffer capacity 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 93b7e52b82 updated uiFindItem() docs in respective to frozen items 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 899491995f added uiFindItem(), uiSetFlags() and uiGetFlags() for user-defined flags 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 1f265388d9 fixed icon ids 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 5e8a29038d MSVC: disabling warnings 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 04029e578e merge 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter c3efeb362c fixed crash when clicking on colored layout rects 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 60da959fcf oui demo: restored corner styling 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter b35f6d6c98 changed example back to first page 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter a925edae73 README.md edited online with Bitbucket 7 years ago
  Leonard Ritter 6b860dc29a bumped oui revision number 7 years ago