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  Andrew Belt 0bebdb314a Don't skip white space in nvgTextBreakLines(). 8 months ago
  Andrew Belt 14a22f1b25 Make nvgGlobalAlpha() only set tint alpha, rather than resetting tint to white with the given alpha. 9 months ago
  Richie Hindle ccaaf90c80 Merge branch 'master' into shared-context 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt ade6e6c060 Add nvgAlpha() and nvgTint() which multiply existing alpha and state instead of resetting it. 11 months ago
  Richie Hindle 5fdfbffd2b Shared contexts; feature complete but relatively untested so far. 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt 9b5c4109a0 Merge branch 'tint' 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt 6fa0b55abc Revert "Update stb_image and stb_truetype" 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt 3974a8b856 Add nvgGetGlobalTint(). 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt 911b7edf17 Revert "Fixes the issue that font size is inconsistent." 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt d201a1cf69 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/memononen/nanovg 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 641e4ab91b Add nvgGlobalTint 1 year ago
  Mikko Mononen 077b65e0cf
Merge pull request #604 from mulle-nat/ci 1 year ago
  Nat! 0bfd2c21cc New ci.yml. Build nanovg on every push on ubuntu. 1 year ago
  Mikko Mononen e906c5bae5
Merge pull request #601 from mulle-nat/fxingtabs 1 year ago
  Nat! 0faac6f91a less whitespace 1 year ago
  Nat! 621e0b8d35 Fixed text vanishing when the transform is vertically flipped 1 year ago
  Mikko Mononen c35e80c3fe
Merge pull request #591 from Iniquitatis/patch-1 1 year ago
  Dominus Iniquitatis fb785932a0
Single-byte typo fix 1 year ago
  Mikko Mononen a90ccc20cc
Merge pull request #588 from d4tocchini/freetype-hint-fix 1 year ago
  D4 30b9f3e047 Squashed wonky FT kerning via FT_Load_Glyph flag FT_LOAD_TARGET_LIGHT 1 year ago
  Mikko Mononen e628d62afb
Merge pull request #587 from christophe-f8/master 1 year ago
  My Name 0fa06d96f1 Removed CMakeLists.txt 1 year ago
  My Name 4c7eb2f63d Added a preprocessor definition to disable the use of stb_image + Added CMakeLists 1 year ago
  Mikko Mononen 2bead03bea
Merge pull request #573 from geoffthemedio/patch-1 2 years ago
  Geoff 52265fe278
Fixed Signed/Unsigned Comparison Warning 2 years ago
  Mikko Mononen 426aa3f149 Fix for #570: round glyph positions to pixels using floor 2 years ago
  Mikko Mononen bff4734a9a
Merge pull request #567 from olilarkin/fix-webgl-warning 2 years ago
  Oli Larkin 35dbc98160 modify to use dummy texture even without emscripten 2 years ago
  Mikko Mononen e281ffcabd Fixed nvgTextBreakLines returning bad minx 2 years ago
  Oli Larkin 3e986cdf4b call glnvg__renderCreateTexture() in glnvg__renderCreate 2 years ago
  Oli Larkin d98041b4ee Bind a dummy texture in setUniforms when compiling with emscripten 2 years ago
  Mikko Mononen 6570b56926
Merge pull request #564 from olliwang/demo 2 years ago
  Mikko Mononen db50e12d03
Merge pull request #563 from olliwang/linegap 2 years ago
  Olli Wang 79561dc47f Fixes demo’s font sizes. 2 years ago
  Mikko Mononen 492df633f1
Merge pull request #560 from olliwang/font 2 years ago
  Olli Wang c519ae578b Support for resetting fallback fonts. 2 years ago
  Mikko Mononen f3825a08ce
Merge pull request #561 from olilarkin/rendertriangles_fringe 2 years ago
  Olli Wang 528dc4efb5 Fixes the issue that line gap may ruin the text layout. 2 years ago
  Oli Larkin 5a006cdca4 Pass fringe parameter to renderTriangles, fixes bad clipping of text on high DPI screens 2 years ago
  Mikko Mononen 4ae538b10e
Merge pull request #559 from olliwang/font 2 years ago
  Olli Wang 8851f025e4 Support for loading a certain font face from a font file. 2 years ago
  Mikko Mononen b2337d9ead
Merge pull request #558 from olliwang/font 2 years ago
  Olli Wang 69e1a47511 Fixes the issue that font size is inconsistent. 2 years ago
  Mikko Mononen 1f9c8864fc
Update README.md 3 years ago
  Mikko Mononen b6ac7c440f
Updated readme 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt 8e697cf0e1 Move stb_image_write.h to src/ 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt c9da63d46c Add stb_image_write.h 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt e5f559523f Update stb_image and stb_truetype 3 years ago
  Mikko Mononen f4069e6a1a
Merge pull request #508 from kennysharma/master 3 years ago
  Kenny Sharma 97fc85668f Fix compile issue for missing { in fontstash.h 3 years ago