1139 Commits (main)

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  falkTX 6de963d728
More wasm tweaks, add join discussion button 4 hours ago
  falkTX fc59537baa
Update to Rack 2.1.2 5 hours ago
  falkTX 9802ea885e
Do not use custom FileBrowserDialog.hpp in Ildaeil and TextEditor 5 hours ago
  falkTX 575fe6c8a1
Fixup for previous changes 5 hours ago
  falkTX b6522a0b66
Custom welcome message for wasm 5 hours ago
  falkTX 4c326f5f39 Update for async API breaking change, adding default filename 6 hours ago
  falkTX 26785f2d75 Ildaeil: enable JSFX by default for wasm 9 hours ago
  falkTX ef8f30c124
Update dpf 12 hours ago
  falkTX d984da2890
Update ValleyAudio 13 hours ago
  falkTX 28b6bbc4dd
Ildaeil: Ignore missing carla and set jsfx path on wasm builds 13 hours ago
  falkTX 793d407db4
Dont include Carla on wasm builds 13 hours ago
  falkTX 6fcb422b03
Fix typo leading to missing glBars 13 hours ago
  falkTX efc37574ed
Use JUCE 6.1.6 for AU variant export 13 hours ago
  falkTX 5ed8eb4731
More wasm things, high-dpi browser tests 14 hours ago
  falkTX 5370e2ad6e
More wasm details, basics mostly work now 1 day ago
  falkTX 034515190c
A few more wasm tweaks 1 day ago
  falkTX 8b9afb3d4f
Skip chowdsp and valleyaudio for wasm builds 1 day ago
  falkTX 74b41e1713
Implement openBrowser for wasm 1 day ago
  falkTX c14eee850b
Build zstd ourselves 1 day ago
  falkTX d5f5e57e78
Skip window screenshots and glBars module if using GLES 1 day ago
  falkTX 8bc997f2d3
Always use PKG_CONFIG make var 1 day ago
  falkTX 7af9041635
Use Runner instead of Thread for AudioFile and Ildaeil modules 1 day ago
  falkTX be26b6f61c
Update imgui for GL3 compat mode 1 day ago
  falkTX d03e73119d wasm related tweaks, still WIP 1 day ago
  falkTX f4c2c03003 Allow forcing GLES mode 1 day ago
  falkTX e79038812b
Set custom DISTRHO and DGL namespace 6 days ago
  falkTX a37016969d
Handle example/demo patches as templates 6 days ago
  falkTX 0de51ecba8
Update DPF, test macOS file browser dialog fix 6 days ago
  falkTX 2bcece64e7
Do not exclude demo patches from source dir 1 week ago
  falkTX 952df617e8 Add Myth modules 1 week ago
  falkTX 0397948a41 Add VT_-_Jupiter_Ascent.vcv demo patch, show in file menu 1 week ago
  falkTX dd5344d2b8 More details for lv2 export (category, CV type, label/brand) 1 week ago
  falkTX aabd9f9342
Fix start position of template-synth.vcv 1 week ago
  falkTX 4081474bb1 Fix VST3 UI under FLStudio macOS 1 week ago
  falkTX ed6d9b05bd
Update carla and dpf for a few small fixes 1 week ago
  falkTX fde7b97fcc
Attempts at allowing unicode in imgui based widgets 1 week ago
  falkTX b29c079266
Fix fundamental wavetable garbage reads, and windows builds 1 week ago
  falkTX d423ac94b5
Decode file URLs provided by DBus portals 1 week ago
  falkTX 75b0d16fcb
Update template-synth.vcv (replace WTVCO with regular VCO) 1 week ago
  falkTX 8c4a4aa776
Fix Fundamental wavetable modules crashing on windows 32bit 1 week ago
  falkTX 27599a3ce1
Fix Carla's directory finding on Windows 1 week ago
  falkTX 5f558c0d84
Fix finding jsfx on Windows 1 week ago
  falkTX 697e5ea677
Add a little hack for running under wine, used in testing 1 week ago
  falkTX 3046133883
Cleanup related fixes 1 week ago
  falkTX 10330964ea
Use xvfb-run during windows builds 1 week ago
  falkTX eb49a45d82
Update template projects for fx and synth variant 1 week ago
  falkTX 3eaa978739
Update documentation 1 week ago
  falkTX 971f187377 Write some small documentation for Host Parameters Map 1 week ago
  falkTX 8d57df4eb8 Improve VST3 UI handling for special hosts like Live 1 week ago
  falkTX 7e699c2906
Add quick doc entry for sassy scope 1 week ago