1230 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  falkTX 64dae94340 Fix wasm build 3 weeks ago
  falkTX ca1ac162ff More light panel things 3 weeks ago
  falkTX 8cec74e966 A few more light mode things 3 weeks ago
  falkTX 187b1c72dd Introduce dark/light mode switch, EXPERIMENTAL 3 weeks ago
  falkTX dd185edf96
Revert a few things to get zstd working in wasm, deal with it later 4 weeks ago
  falkTX dab443d2c3 Fix a typo 4 weeks ago
  falkTX 3b3f155bb2 Bring Ildaeil fixes from the other side 4 weeks ago
  falkTX e840ca05da Tweak wasm things a bit more, download some pregen files for now 4 weeks ago
  falkTX ee96a86e24 Bump version 4 weeks ago
  falkTX c6247c45e9 Add fallback names to OpenGL FBO functions for Windows 4 weeks ago
  falkTX 9274f433cb Do not crash if nanovg context creation fails 4 weeks ago
  falkTX 541e7dcf69 Fix VST3 host keycode special handling 4 weeks ago
  falkTX a0faebad8b Give keyboard focus to UI on each mouse click 4 weeks ago
  falkTX 76b18507f2 Do not install jack standalone for windows by default 4 weeks ago
  falkTX db565e68d4 Cleanup 4 weeks ago
  falkTX d7d85606f4
Enable full wasm build 1 month ago
  falkTX 3c5d7a4e0e
Start of wasm CI target 1 month ago
  falkTX e79c18efb3 Fix VST3 UI not appearing under Studio One 1 month ago
  falkTX f0f142f404 Fix macOS build 1 month ago
  falkTX d5d593a3e7 Fix VST3 under Cubase 1 month ago
  falkTX ecd98312bb Rebuild CI cache 1 month ago
  falkTX c24a3c226a Pass custom flags into deps 1 month ago
  falkTX 016e2f304b
More clipboard tweaks, do not hang waiting 1 month ago
  falkTX 492ed4fb63
Fix previous commit 1 month ago
  falkTX 397cd75f22
Make X11 clipboard handling more robust 1 month ago
  falkTX 63afbaacd8
Tweak default wasm buffer size, allow to change it via menu 1 month ago
  falkTX e3a7a5ccb8
Use FX variant as base for wasm builds, add input and midi options 1 month ago
  falkTX 48a01f0b22
Add wasm things to menus, fix up event handling 1 month ago
  falkTX d1d08e4704
More wasm details, deal with requirements for -sMAIN_MODULE 1 month ago
  falkTX c3f271d9e9
Add missing opus as supported extension in audio file module 1 month ago
  falkTX 3af971534c
Allow wasm fetch patchstorage thigns, set system factory template 1 month ago
  falkTX e389ca7469
Workaround for wrong file permissions from zstd extraction on wasm 1 month ago
  falkTX 97a2d5935a
Fix headless build 1 month ago
  falkTX 5c26b531f6
Regen source diffs vs Rack 1 month ago
  falkTX a0a5fa134a
Add squeeze modules parameter, adjust view menu alike Rack 1 month ago
  falkTX 5e93775d26
Handle all wasm ddpx/dpi targets known 1 month ago
  falkTX fd3a21add0
Fix ildaeil crash when carla side has UI disabled 1 month ago
  falkTX 0a28d20e1a
Adjust wasm shell for high-dpi 1 month ago
  falkTX dc178cf2f9
Fix yet another LTO build conflict 1 month ago
  falkTX 9d71e37086
Do not use imgui custom loader for opengl3 1 month ago
  falkTX b9d5bb9732
Fix LTO build 1 month ago
  falkTX 6de963d728
More wasm tweaks, add join discussion button 1 month ago
  falkTX fc59537baa
Update to Rack 2.1.2 1 month ago
  falkTX 9802ea885e
Do not use custom FileBrowserDialog.hpp in Ildaeil and TextEditor 1 month ago
  falkTX 575fe6c8a1
Fixup for previous changes 1 month ago
  falkTX b6522a0b66
Custom welcome message for wasm 1 month ago
  falkTX 4c326f5f39 Update for async API breaking change, adding default filename 1 month ago
  falkTX 26785f2d75 Ildaeil: enable JSFX by default for wasm 1 month ago
  falkTX ef8f30c124
Update dpf 1 month ago
  falkTX d984da2890
Update ValleyAudio 1 month ago