1227 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  falkTX f83b483e82 Bring in Sassy Scope 2 months ago
  falkTX 6cfbf95ffc Fix AU build 2 months ago
  falkTX d46d24719b
Fix a typo in the previous commit 2 months ago
  falkTX 04f47d668e
Add sorta-main variant for AU, 8 audio IO but no CV 2 months ago
  falkTX fa1e6a1343
Allow host to not supply CV ports 2 months ago
  falkTX 946056b1fd
Avoid duplicate symbol 2 months ago
  falkTX 1c236cace0
Dark theme for ShiftyExpander 2 months ago
  falkTX 6e29483c40
Update README currrent status 2 months ago
  falkTX c4b53659f7
Update docs 2 months ago
  falkTX 4f2550df5c
Rework lv2export approach, get things to actually work 2 months ago
  falkTX ec7e6b231e Fail build if wrong macOS target used, fix macOS AU (missing fftw) 2 months ago
  falkTX 879d0862d8 Mute audio output if bypassed 2 months ago
  falkTX 1cb5fa39d3 Deal with buffer size only in activate 2 months ago
  falkTX fd6cd85f30
Fix macOS AU build (add new libaubio.a for linking) 2 months ago
  falkTX c580405fa2
Fix mscHack PingPong filter cutoff value when loaded without GUI 2 months ago
  falkTX b296259bde
Fix Audio2 meters stuck state when both L & R are disconnected 2 months ago
  falkTX c89affd980
Fix vst2 plugin path in debugging docs 2 months ago
  falkTX e00515e69b
Fix DrumKit Sequencer memory corruption 2 months ago
  falkTX e91ad350b4
Fix PathSet Nudge colors; Import AudibleInstruments fixes 2 months ago
  falkTX 4a2cc44f65
Cleanup 2 months ago
  falkTX e6c91bfa26
Build fixes 2 months ago
  falkTX 0d4094d49f
Needed tweaks for updated modules 2 months ago
  falkTX 8e22956eb4
Update modules 2 months ago
  falkTX 9ba7c624b8 Wait 5 cycles before giving keyboard focus to UI 3 months ago
  falkTX c46d659340 Fix transport reset logic for hosts with non-static buffer sizes 3 months ago
  falkTX a5ea17fbcf Fix a compiler warning 3 months ago
  falkTX 76828eea6b
Fix build 3 months ago
  falkTX c8772d4654 Only print errors of HostMIDI-Map once 3 months ago
  falkTX 34f49211e2
Fix plateau preset for MOD builds 3 months ago
  falkTX 0cbf3cd166
Finalize modgui details, add example preset 3 months ago
  falkTX 1567dd7a09
Update modgui screenshots 3 months ago
  falkTX 52b38c85c9
Fix modgui color propagating to cv-manage ports 3 months ago
  falkTX 0e85ecf517
Tweaks to modgui main variant 3 months ago
  falkTX 3413e17fec Add main Cardinal variant for MOD builds 3 months ago
  falkTX 02a482c7c1
Rebuild CI cache, to catch -Wobjc-method-access as errors 3 months ago
  falkTX 81ad41ad5a
Update Meander 3 months ago
  falkTX 1edead1248
Really correct octave 3 months ago
  falkTX bab148c69a
Correct default octave 3 months ago
  falkTX 2ae7009b0e
Add in tree aubio 3 months ago
  falkTX 0d952f80af
Add Audio to CV Pitch Cardinal module 3 months ago
  falkTX 19986c3023
Add WhatTheRack 3 months ago
  falkTX 62b55920c9
Remap mouse clicks on macOS to deal with its silly "one button" UX 3 months ago
  falkTX f263212d7e
Update fundamental, smore fixes 3 months ago
  falkTX 8ef6a2dff5
Fixup for meander module inclusion 3 months ago
  dreamer 83de2207b4
[WIP] add Meander 3 months ago
  falkTX 8cbaaab100
Fix Core Blank panel tags 3 months ago
  falkTX d457220f80
Bump version, update fundamental for finer details 3 months ago
  falkTX 86f944c1b2
Update fundamental 3 months ago
  falkTX 7e2eeb8976
Update Befaco, adds Channel Strip 3 months ago
  falkTX 73c9f22c5a Update fundamental, all but octave now working 3 months ago