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  falkTX 48b2d8a525 Bump version 5 months ago
  Filipe Coelho 97957bb88f
autoconf generator in CI (#116) 5 months ago
  redtide 4ec3b62dfc CI automated tarball creation and deployment 5 months ago
  David Runge b750dd99e4 Add custom variable to jack pkgconfig to distinguish implementations 6 months ago
  David Runge 6e9ccc9a39 Remove submodule dirs for example-clients and tools 6 months ago
  Filipe Coelho 366db39afc
Update README.md 6 months ago
  David Runge ca3af4b0d8
Remove example-clients and tools (#112) 6 months ago
  David Runge 6173129260 Consider all headers for documentation generation 6 months ago
  David Runge 00a8ae65bb Modify doxygen input file to consider all headers 6 months ago
  David Runge ff24aff355 Setup all header files for installation in Makefile.am 6 months ago
  David Runge ea9723457a Update jack headers 6 months ago
  falkTX 6172c1b29d Update jack headers 11 months ago
  falkTX b040837614 Update common jack headers 1 year ago
  falkTX c93c8b0409
Update submodules 1 year ago
  Michele Dionisio a4e2355c96 fix wrong malloc size 1 year ago
  falkTX 451c189cef
Update jack headers, session API is now deprecated 1 year ago
  falkTX 7b5028ffe3
multi-line readme 1 year ago
  Milkii Brewster 674af2ebe3
Add support information and convert to markdown (#97) 2 years ago
  Paul Davis 2e78fb6c88 do not attempt local (non-server-call) check on connections in jack_port_disconnect unless port is owned by caller 2 years ago
  falkTX ca37b41df3
Update jack headers 2 years ago
  Christopher Arndt 009f674c7f (Re-)Enable search engine for API docs 2 years ago
  falkTX 2ec2e09774
Update jack headers 2 years ago
  falkTX 8e08d6f760 Remove version from docs 2 years ago
  falkTX 54e11a4cdc Update copyright year for documentation 2 years ago
  falkTX 0cb641ba3f Fixup documentation for new versions of doxygen 2 years ago
  Filipe Coelho 26f9652e6d
Merge pull request #86 from sonicpp/master 3 years ago
  Jan Havran 2086803033 Fix configure.ac checking for USE_MD5SUM 3 years ago
  Filipe Coelho b1c1b85dbe
Merge pull request #82 from DomT4/mojave_build_fix 3 years ago
  Dominyk Tiller 721e2bdbe4
configure: update -mmacosx-version-min= to 10.6 3 years ago
  Filipe Coelho cb654ada4e Merge pull request #61 from yurivict/io-retry-EINTR 5 years ago
  Filipe Coelho 44e23985f7 Merge pull request #62 from jcowgill/atomics-cleanup 5 years ago
  James Cowgill ddc60b08e2 Remove atomics section from doc/porting.dox 5 years ago
  James Cowgill 1c86be1b4c Remove now unused config/cpu directory 5 years ago
  James Cowgill eed8a97b2f Use generic atomic functions 5 years ago
  Yuri de00d98294 read/write wrappers to handle the case of interruption by system signals 5 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 90f9dd39b0 Update to new tools/ HEAD 5 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 00ead84a3b Merge pull request #60 from yurivict/use-process-realtime-priority 5 years ago
  Yuri 51d8d22a9b Added curly braces. 5 years ago
  Adrian Knoth d355c7d28c Merge pull request #58 from jcowgill/config-cpu-cleanup 5 years ago
  Adrian Knoth d1482a6497 Merge pull request #57 from jcowgill/man-page-date 5 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 8799147e66 Use #if for HAVE_CLOCK_GETTIME everywhere 5 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 5bb11a71f4 Use #if for HAVE_CLOCK_GETTIME in dummy driver 5 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 3e26d4ff92 Fix detection of clock_gettime() and clock_nanosleep() 5 years ago
  Yuri 02029576c4 Using the process realtime priority instead of the thread realtime priority when sufficient. 5 years ago
  James Cowgill b67a6cbbbf Remove unused cruft from config/cpu 5 years ago
  James Cowgill 17dc27f884 Remove unused sysdeps/cycles.h includes 5 years ago
  James Cowgill 1f544ff7ab Use LC_ALL=C to generate manpage date 5 years ago
  falkTX 0dc6f4a0ab Do not override libdir on configure for 64-bit OS'es 5 years ago
  Miroslav Urbanek aa7e30bd74 Explicitly enable timestamps in the ALSA backend 5 years ago
  Paul Davis bea9d46b4c fix capture latency for ALSA backend, given normal definitions. Add comments 5 years ago