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  xenakios 86f1a8c594 Update About box and jucer project 8 months ago
  xenakios 371355b375 Fix for Juce 6 modal loops. Should make the proper fixes at some point... 11 months ago
  xenakios 7d9ed352a1 Build fixes for Juce 6 1 year ago
  xenakios 8bfd8557b7 Build fix for updated Juce 2 years ago
  xenakios 434b6b5488 Added VS2019 build 2 years ago
  xenakios d281c2fe4d jucer 2 years ago
  xenakios 2df73f0d74 Jucer project 2 years ago
  xenakios 942d8aa382 Compile fixes 2 years ago
  xenakios b052ee7a10 Use raw buffer pointers instead of setSample. Note to self : remember to avoid using setSample and just use the damn array of pointers because setSample does the AudioBuffer flag setting and that can slow things down. 3 years ago
  xenakios 288ab7a6bc Render exact calculated output length. But release build isn't working...Sigh. 3 years ago
  xenakios 727f0e19ec Update stretch source parameters before prepareToPlay calls when offline rendering. However the beginning of the offline render still appears to use the wrong parameters. 3 years ago
  xenakios e4ab699c6b Merge branch 'master' of https://bitbucket.org/xenakios/paulstretchplugin 3 years ago
  xenakios 71c78bf4c3 Stand alone build offline render finally works a bit. Output duration is wrong. 3 years ago
  xenakios ba8b45f7f4 macOs build fix 3 years ago
  xenakios ae8a5e44c8 Remove dependency on modified Juce Component header 3 years ago
  xenakios 33dae072ac Draw technical info texts on waveform component 3 years ago
  xenakios 27b014a6e7 Enabled showing the file source cached time ranges 3 years ago
  xenakios cfb8f4f303 up version text 3 years ago
  xenakios 30859ccae9 jucer 3 years ago
  xenakios 530f781044 readme 3 years ago
  xenakios 9b1d29bf3e Store import file folder when changing the browser root 3 years ago
  xenakios 7dfa485ed6 Let the customized file browser component own the look and feel 3 years ago
  xenakios c90f6c9022 Use older Juce look and feel for the file browser. Not looking too great but better than the current default look and feel... 3 years ago
  xenakios 6c9cca5213 jucer, readme 3 years ago
  xenakios d065c2d305 Filebrowser tweaks 3 years ago
  xenakios 21a0a6e8e0 Remove sonogram for now 3 years ago
  xenakios d4a2247679 Reverted Capture parameter to a normal parameter to again allow host MIDI learn etc. It is now instead ignored when saving the state tree. This may not fix the parameter being recalled when undoing in all hosts but this is the best that can be done with the plugin format limitations at this point. 3 years ago
  xenakios 7f7259225f Implement file browser as a separate component 3 years ago
  xenakios 1a42192509 Implement file browser showing in separate method 3 years ago
  xenakios eef1f1a8e7 Defer creation of filebrowsercomponent. Seems to fix the crash in Reaper with release build. 3 years ago
  xenakios 61baf392c7 readme 3 years ago
  xenakios 3ee6f44b16 Ditch the file open dialog in favor of an overlaid FileBrowserComponent. Should be much nicer to use anyway... 3 years ago
  xenakios 409c053057 Trying to fix a problem with the file import dialog. The dialog is not actually modal, so it's possible to close the plugin GUI or delete the plugin while the dialog is still open. No complete fix yet and the dialog opened by launchAsync has the ancient GUI style on Windows...Big SIGH. 3 years ago
  xenakios 0dd0fb962e Try smaller render buffer size, didn't help 3 years ago
  xenakios cf85f992c8 Something seriously wrong in the offline rendering... 3 years ago
  xenakios b0c8388b6b Work on offline render stuff 3 years ago
  xenakios 0df28fa3d6 Disable MIDI note control for now! 3 years ago
  xenakios 467b9ed904 foo 3 years ago
  xenakios 2ac85fac1f Added ADSR envelope 3 years ago
  xenakios aa740528f5 More correct note handling logic 3 years ago
  xenakios cf3c26989e Very preliminary tests to allow reacting to incoming MIDI notes 3 years ago
  xenakios 57ac702c3f Add JUCE DSP module to Projucer project. Added a sonogram view of the output audio. 3 years ago
  xenakios 676ce4a025 up version text 3 years ago
  xenakios 99fb8b0a47 readme 3 years ago
  xenakios bfb531d74e foo 3 years ago
  xenakios 23d63c8827 Removed the phase freeze processing for now. 3 years ago
  xenakios 13e39ca30c Add Steinberg required text in About dialog and update Xenakios copyright year. 3 years ago
  xenakios e7303dc9b0 Readme change 3 years ago
  xenakios 36052698e9 Readme. Initial work to allow choosing captured audio save location. 3 years ago
  xenakios e6a614c5f5 Made saving captured audio optional. While it probably will never take a long time to save the buffer, show the capture saving is active in the info label 3 years ago