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  Andrew Belt f3edc5a6f5
Add git repo deprecation notice 8 months ago
  Andrew Belt 406f839040 Fix Ubuntu GTK 3 package name. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 5262ec9ad3 Change RACK_SDK to RACK_DIR in Migrate2. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt b91c45df26 Update Makefile when adding presets. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 3fff3743e5 Add gtk3 to Ubuntu deps. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt b33527d006 Add Matrix chat to Communities. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt e02d105589 Fix configSwitch() call in Migrate2. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 74251b2153 Add zstd dependency for Mac and Windows to Building page. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt dca0a84549 Link TOC to Migrate2 page. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 69cf2cf4e1 Add zstd dependency for Linux on Building page. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 85b095afc8 Float presets screenshot on right. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 67080e9996 Make Discord server an official community. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 62a512e65f Float dark-scope image to right. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 8087b81e0e Add "Draw custom light-like widgets at full brightness" section to Migrate2. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 3392cc2776 Add syntax languages to Presets. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 8e40fc70c4 Add Module Presets page. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt f5826247fe Update FAQ. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 75ff444069 Add WIP note to Migrate2. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 0e35118d61 Fix grammar. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 8e34e9de55 Revise Migrate2. 9 months ago
  Andrew Belt 20292515f0 Remove Issues page. 10 months ago
  Andrew Belt 6a6201a53a Add a few sections to Migrate2. 10 months ago
  Andrew Belt 2902ca4af3 Update email address to support@vcvrack.com. 10 months ago
  Andrew Belt bb59ed9545 Change headers of Communities. 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt 905455cb38 Add links to manifest license examples. 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt df204d56a7 Put quotes around manifest license examples. 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt 9722d15f74 Move Facebook user group to unofficial section. 11 months ago
  Andrew Belt ea5711a673 Play with sandbox 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 6378d2bc55 Tweak formatting of module tags. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt afef6ca70e Make module tag headers even smaller 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 6ecf8f343f Make module tag headers smaller 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt b190e28636 Add some Core module descriptions. Use smaller images. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 0a490224dd Facebook Developer group closed last year, update note 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 2f83bf14bb Add link to manual source from manual index. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt d187008364 Make Font/Image change more clear. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt cd688c7197 Update manual URL. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 354f4bcef9 Rewrite Panel language. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 26e96122d8 Add MyModule.svg from old manual. Fix broken link. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 017c297d3d Remove Contributing section. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 6d8e82bc3c Add note on index for manuals of other modules. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 1351dc0197 Add linguist note to readme. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 0d86589301 Improve TOC titles. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt b2abcc7a72 On second thought, there are many issues with the MIDI-Map documentation, so I'll rewrite it later. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 9cc6a15eba
Merge pull request #44 from nnnnicholas/patch-1 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 25fa0b420d Merge branch 'master' of github.com:VCVRack/manual 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt a12fbfa65d Fix anchor slugs for Core sections. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt f7f90bfafd
Merge pull request #43 from DeVliegerWouter/patch-1 1 year ago
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  Andrew Belt 21ee191207 Remove hosted plugin manuals. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 96ecfbc662 Reorganize toc again. 1 year ago