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<a id="daws"></a>
## Is VCV Rack available as a VST/AU/AAX plugin for DAWs?

VCV Rack can be fully considered a DAW itself rather than a "synthesizer plugin", so Rack is a standalone application.
However, due to overwhelming user demand, a new product called *VCV Rack for DAWs* will be available as a 64-bit VST2 plugin for around $99 shortly after Rack v2 is released.
VST3/AU/AAX/LV2 versions might be released afterwards, but this is not yet confirmed.
All Rack v2 plugins will be compatible with the plugin version of Rack.
The standalone version of Rack v2 will continue to be free/open-source.
VCV Rack 2 will be released in two editions:

Follow the [Rack development blog]( for the most up-to-date Rack development news.
- Studio Edition ($149 regular price, $99 during launch sale): Standalone, VST2
- Community Edition (GPLv3, open-source, free): Standalone

Other plugin formats will be available in a later Rack 2.x version.

Watch the [VCV Rack 2 Teaser]( video.

<a id="performance"></a>
## How do I improve performance of VCV Rack?