1094 Commits (eb49a45d8249f83117ae76732b9c842ad8b14355)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  falkTX eb49a45d82
Update template projects for fx and synth variant 1 year ago
  falkTX 3eaa978739
Update documentation 1 year ago
  falkTX 971f187377 Write some small documentation for Host Parameters Map 1 year ago
  falkTX 8d57df4eb8 Improve VST3 UI handling for special hosts like Live 1 year ago
  falkTX 7e699c2906
Add quick doc entry for sassy scope 1 year ago
  falkTX 929a395d05
Bump version to 22.06 1 year ago
  falkTX ec2222be85
Tolerate max 2 frames of deviation for frame position skips 1 year ago
  falkTX 68855c10d2
Fix ARM build 1 year ago
  falkTX efa1eb8a6a
Implement VST3 MIDI CC input 1 year ago
  falkTX 480b1f1ac9
Fixes for VST3 UI resizing 1 year ago
  falkTX 2b1ee87a13
Fix new conflicts when updated voxglitch 1 year ago
  falkTX 7b0504c16b
Update voxglitch 1 year ago
  falkTX 7860e6e539
Fix resize recursion when triggered via host 1 year ago
  falkTX da61999de5
Implement glfwCreateStandardCursor 1 year ago
  falkTX 9cd3529011
Update Carla and PawPaw for build fixes 1 year ago
  falkTX 1575f605a9
Rework how host parameters map does its thing, now using a menu 1 year ago
  falkTX 8d1138f926
Make Host Parameters smoothing optional 1 year ago
  falkTX e768dbd0e6
Start work on CardinalRemote, WIP 1 year ago
  falkTX 8492fc70fa
Move glfw convert code into its own file 1 year ago
  falkTX 383bc41da8 Fix incorrect offset of embed ui on windows and macOS 1 year ago
  falkTX 83ba2ca091
Make sure plugins do not use osdialog, add Lilac implementation 1 year ago
  falkTX 31f8436494
Fix macOS installer for systems without rosetta2 1 year ago
  falkTX d4e1ae6a45
Fix flipped Fundamental noise outputs 1 year ago
  falkTX 9f3bc9f11f
Do not trigger host time reset when tick == 0 1 year ago
  falkTX 2c98fe7388
Update dpf for a few internal fixes 1 year ago
  falkTX fdb3a2185c
Skip building main AU variant, needs juce buses related work 1 year ago
  falkTX 9378b66966
Cleanup 1 year ago
  falkTX 62181c1047
Another armhf fix 1 year ago
  falkTX 20cb3b08d3
Fix armhf builds 1 year ago
  falkTX e3bdc61c18
Try to fix windows builds 1 year ago
  Yevhenii Matviienko 586b3ae320 Remove scroll multiplication for macOS 1 year ago
  falkTX bfa74de20f
Fix macOS build 1 year ago
  falkTX 6171cca627
More makefile tweaks, to help fix build 1 year ago
  falkTX 5d40a9dbf8
Fix linux arm builds 1 year ago
  falkTX 6500002336
Update Carla and DPF for build fixes 1 year ago
  falkTX becfa5d39d
lv2export: expose lights as control output ports, always connect cv 1 year ago
  falkTX 848237c9c5
Fix missing svg resource for host params map 1 year ago
  falkTX d9c9c5d19c
Continue work on LV2 export, add a few plugins 1 year ago
  falkTX ebb768b713
Cleanup build after last couple of changes 1 year ago
  falkTX bcd1b9e273
Update to latest carla, dpf, and pugl, needs testing 1 year ago
  falkTX 11d9d6a0be
Update carla, enable GUIs for its internal plugins 1 year ago
  falkTX dfc59c94cc
Do not use alignas on macOS 1 year ago
  falkTX b3d68d9e9f
Silence gcc warning about alignment ABI changes 1 year ago
  falkTX 5e5b22e96f
Add ysfx as static lib for jucewrapper 1 year ago
  falkTX f268919db4
Do not use -fno-gnu-unique on BSD 1 year ago
  falkTX d7f8575782
Do not use -faligned-new on macOS 1 year ago
  falkTX e002a18915
Fix another typo 1 year ago
  falkTX 6414bdfa7c
Fix a typo 1 year ago
  falkTX 9267d8736c
Some more build fixing 1 year ago
  falkTX 06c1d62dd9
Fix build, set vst3 speaker arrangements on fx and synth variants 1 year ago