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@@ -132,7 +132,30 @@ It has pretty much the same options and functionality as the Rack MIDI-Map.
For automating CV sources from the host side, this module directly converts the 24 Cardinal host-exposed parameters into CV signals inside Cardinal.

The parameters have an internal slew limiter in order to smooth out the changes over time.
The fall time of the smoothing filter is based on the current host block size and sample rate.
The fall time of the smoothing filter is based on the current host block size and sample rate.
You can disable this smoothing filter using right-click menu options.

Clicking on an input jack from this module will send a "touch"/"edit" event to the plugin host / DAW,
required for allowing to create parameter automation lines in some hosts.

### Host Parameters Map


For automating modules loaded inside Cardinal from within host side, using the 24 Cardinal host-exposed parameters.

This is similar to Host MIDI CC Map, but instead of having MIDI CC from the host as source of events, it uses host-exposed parameters.

Simply click on the last item on the list of mappings (which will say "click here to map" or "unmapped" depending if you have already any mappings or not),
and then move a Cardinal-side module knob or controllable widget.

Anytime you click to either do a new mapping or edit an existing one, a few options appear for setting host parameter, smooth on/off and invert on/off.
It is not possible to reassign an existing mapping to a different knob.
Right-clicking an item on the mapping list will remove it.

Changing module knobs from Cardinal side will not send a parameter change event to the host.
This module works more in a "one to many" control scheme, where 1 single host parameter can control many cardinal modules, but never the other way around.
If you need to send a "parameter change" signal from Cardinal, use the "Host Parameters" module.

### Host Time

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