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  1. CVS 0.2.3
  2. New plugin menu on canvas
  3. New mouse clicks Button 1 = Box select devices, Move devices
  4. Button 2 (Shift Button 1) = Drag Canvas, Multi select
  5. Button 3 (Ctrl Button 1) = Edit and Plugin menu, Multi Select
  6. Updated streamer - Now shows file name.
  7. New output CV that rises from 0 to 1 as stream plays
  8. Envelope update - Added a filter to smooth out clicks on very fast attack levels
  9. Scope and Meter have moved to the Input/Output group
  10. PoshSampler now has a button - ReTrigger, when this button is OFF, a sample cannot
  11. be retriggered until it has finished playing.
  12. PoshSampler bug fixes, now displays correct settings for Loop, PingPong, ReTrigger,
  13. Volume, Pitch, Octave, and TrigNote when you change the sample
  14. being displayed
  15. New pause and Reset button on GUI to pause audio and reset all plugins.
  16. Release 0.2.2
  17. New GUI - less cluttered and more "traditional" toolbars.
  18. Improved LADSPA GUI, and librdf support.
  19. Improved Jack functionality.
  20. New ALSA midi support.
  21. New configure script - makes most dependancies optional.
  22. Makefile / .configure fixes.
  23. Overload light on Mono-Mixer.
  24. Numeric parameter input on lots of plugins.
  25. Improved DistributorPlugin.
  26. More controls on ScopePlugin and MeterPlugin.
  27. Variable number of inputs and/or outputs on MixerPlugin and LogicPlugin.
  28. Improved PluginGUI resizing.
  29. Vanishing comment bugfix.
  30. Multiple FormantFilter bug-fix.
  31. Fixed bug that caused a segfault when the last MIDI plugin is deleted.
  32. Time display and 16bit, 24bit packed PCM, or 32bit float IEEE output in DiskWriter.
  33. Libsndfile support for Sampler, SpiralLoops, Streamer, etc.
  34. Misc fixes.
  35. New Plugins:
  36. TransposePlugin
  37. Release 0.2.1
  38. New GUI - one window with minimisable/maximisable modules,
  39. no more losing track of which module window is which.
  40. NotesnapPlugin can now filter midi notes.
  41. Preliminary OSX support
  42. Plugin Groups (new Maths/Logic group)
  43. Plugins are now loaded straight from the directory, no need to explicitly list them anymore.
  44. Renaming of modules
  45. More theming (and new default theme)
  46. Help window fixes
  47. Matrix pattern sequencer
  48. Misc fixes
  49. New Plugins:
  50. FormantFilterPlugin
  51. AnotherFilterPlugin
  52. NoisePlugin
  53. OperatorPlugin
  54. CounterPlugin
  55. FlipflopPlugin
  56. SwitchPlugin
  57. BeatMatchPlugin
  58. LogicPlugin
  59. MixSwitchPlugin
  60. SplitSwitchPlugin
  61. MeterPlugin (ported)
  62. WaveShaperPlugin (ported)
  63. TrigPlugin
  64. SpiralLoopPlugin (new code)
  65. MasherPlugin
  66. Release 0.2.0
  67. App now multithreaded, and plugins use a new api to support this
  68. Jack support fully functional and stable
  69. -Realtime commandline option (as root) runs ssm audio in SCHED_FIFO
  70. LADSPA plugin much improved with built in GUI generator
  71. App help added with Helptext for all of the plugins
  72. Numerous fixes, additions and GUI improvements
  73. Release 0.1.1
  74. Main app changes:
  75. Back to one window GUI with seperate movable areas
  76. Fixed Plugin window events/drawing bug
  77. Echo/Delay crash bug fix
  78. Less C code in SpiralSynthModular.C (Andy Preston)
  79. Ability to load ssm files from command line (Dan Bethell)
  80. gcc3.1 fixes + dynamic linking bugfix (Takashi Iwai)
  81. configure + make fixes (Takashi Iwai)
  82. configure option --with-plugindir=xxx added (Takashi Iwai)
  83. Plugin changes:
  84. LFOPlugin (Andy Preston)
  85. MeterPlugin (Andy Preston)
  86. StereoMixerPlugin fix (Andy Preston)
  87. Scaling fix and name sorting for the LADSPAPlugin (Mike Rawes)
  88. Sequencer bugfix for dragging note events
  89. Matrix now 64X24 + tweaked GUI
  90. Matrix can be controlled by an external clock pulse
  91. Matrix copy/paste and transpose functionality (Andy Preston)
  92. JackPlugin fixed for recent versions of jack (Takashi Iwai)
  93. Release 0.1.0
  94. Main app changes:
  95. New GUI code, main app window has now become the editor window, with a new
  96. window for plugin dialogues. (build fltk with ./configure --enable-shared)
  97. New default theme.
  98. New load/save system for external files like samples. (external files stored
  99. in a directory)
  100. configure fixes (Takashi Iwai)
  101. ppc fix (Takashi Iwai)
  102. gcc 3 fixes (Takashi Iwai)
  103. wav loading fixes
  104. Graph sorted node execution order to remove internal latency.
  105. Plugin changes:
  106. Scope plugin bugfix
  107. DistributorPlugin (Fade)
  108. JoystickPlugin (Bill Bland)
  109. Release 0.0.9 Thursday Febuary 14 2002
  110. Main app changes:
  111. Right click plugin menu
  112. More error boxes, all asserts out of SSM app, better recovery from bad files
  113. Audio engine can now be run in callback mode for plugins like the JackPlugin
  114. Options save (Bill Bland)
  115. Plugin changes:
  116. PoshSampler, with loop points, editing and dirty timestretching
  117. ComplexEnvelope, describe envelopes with arbitary lines or Bezier curves
  118. MidiPlugin updated to support all controller channels, with multiple ports
  119. Rewritten the midi parser
  120. Controller plugin save problem fixed
  121. Matrix stream out leaner
  122. SpiralLoopPlugin Close file dialog crash fixed
  123. StreamPlugin crash on mono wavs fixed
  124. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  125. Release 0.0.8 Thursday Febuary 14 2002
  126. Main app changes:
  127. All plugin communication now in 32bit floating point.
  128. New configure/make system (Erik de Castro Lopo)
  129. Warning and error dialogs
  130. FLTK 1.1.0 supported (Takashi Iwai)
  131. gcc-3 fixes (Takashi Iwai)
  132. Proper tooltips implemented
  133. Options GUI
  134. Crash bug fix
  135. Plugin changes:
  136. OSS output now does input, and with duplex - simultaneous i/o.
  137. StreamPlugin
  138. XFadePlugin
  139. SpiralLoopPlugin
  140. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  141. Release 0.0.7 Tuesday November 21 2001.
  142. Main app changes:
  143. Wavfile fix for PPC machines. (Yves Usson)
  144. PNG fix for images with an alpha channel. (Yves Usson)
  145. All windows are now double buffered by default.
  146. Misc gui tweaks
  147. Plugin changes:
  148. RiffWav loader attempts to decode non standard wavs
  149. Ladspa plugin should compile whether ladspa is installed or not.
  150. SampleHoldPlugin (Yves Usson)
  151. NoteSnapPlugin
  152. WaveShaperPlugin GUI updated. (Yves Usson)
  153. AmpPlugin GUI updated. (Yves Usson)
  154. Sampler plugin streams paths with spaces properly.
  155. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  156. Release 0.0.6 Wednesday October 31 2001.
  157. Main app changes:
  158. Put a version number in the .SpiralSynthModular, so there's no need
  159. to break the file format again.
  160. Basic theme support - png loading needs libpng
  161. Clear first buffer to stop noise on startup.
  162. Different samplerates should be handled properly now.
  163. RiffWav rewritten - automatically mixes stereo wavs into mono.
  164. Deals with header much better, stores samplerate etc.
  165. Plugin changes:
  166. Output : Buffer size now handled correctly (Fragment settings in .rc file).
  167. SeqSelector : Should always loop now.
  168. SamplerPlugin : Individual sample outputs added.
  169. SamplerPlugin : Pitch takes samplerate into account.
  170. SequencerPlugin : Speed takes samplerate into account.
  171. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  172. Release 0.0.5 Thursday October 20 2001.
  173. Main app changes:
  174. Plugin Tooltips
  175. Layout text comments
  176. Toolbox GUI sorted
  177. Low level optimisation begun, to stop processing silent sample buffers.
  178. Removed asserts from low level sample code (only for releases).
  179. Removed tons of old SpiralSynth legacy code and dependancies.
  180. File confirmation added.
  181. Plugin changes:
  182. WaveShaper Plugin added (thx to Yves Usson)
  183. SeqSelector GUI finished
  184. Oscillator & Wavetable octave fix (Yves Usson)
  185. Oscillator, Echo and envelope GUI additions (Yves Usson)
  186. Envelope plugin bug fixed (warning volume will need to be increased on saved layouts)
  187. Controller plugin now much more versatile.
  188. LADSPA plugin
  189. Moog filter optimised
  190. SVF filter optimised
  191. Splitter plugin now has 4 outputs
  192. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  193. Release 0.0.4 Thursday September 13 2001.
  194. Main app changes:
  195. Crash bugs related to deleting of devices located and fixed.
  196. Big endian PPC support back in.
  197. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  198. Release 0.0.3 Monday September 10 2001.
  199. Main app changes:
  200. Fixed an include problem that some people were getting.
  201. Added functionality for plugind to change their device
  202. properties while running.
  203. Plugin changes:
  204. Sequencer Plugin finished, records note CV input, and can hold up to 16
  205. different patterns.
  206. Added the SeqSelecta, which can be used to step through patterns on the
  207. sequencer or matrix plugins.
  208. WaveTableOsc plugin - Sine, Square, Saw, InvSaw, Triangle, 2 Pulse and InvSine
  209. waveshapes generated. Should be much faster than the old oscillator, but with
  210. less modulation options.
  211. Oscillator optimisations.
  212. Improved the delay plugin (now linearly interpolated)
  213. Sampler plugin now pitches samples offset from their input frequency,
  214. for tuning of samples used in melodies.
  215. Output no longer exits if it can't open the soundcard,
  216. wav recording is still enabled.
  217. Midi device wasn't opening the file in .SpiralSynthModular - fixed.
  218. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  219. First release 0.0.2 Monday July 2 2001.