309 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jonathan Moore Liles e4d8f00e24 Don't complain about autoconf version. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles aee76c9b33 Fix scope error with newer GCC. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles af5c76b901 Wrap reference to NTK only function in ifdef. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 6665de46ce Fl_Canvas: Use bezier curves for drawing wires. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 61c670dc9f Fl_Canvas: Use a thicker line style for drawing wires. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 92f0496dfa s/fl_file_chooser.H/Fl_File_Chooser.H/ 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles cc2d52dbf0 SpiralInfo: Don't assume that seekg() will set EOF flag after seeking past end of file. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 0c56be3362 Fix include name 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 119bb352d4 s/Fl/FL 11 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles e20f525640 Fix bad arguments to fl_message. 11 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 492ac0c4f7 Add some omitted includes 13 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 9332ecd468 Actually make it compilable. 15 years ago
  aj_genius 19e7c0405f Fix compile with newer gcc's 16 years ago
  edgeeffect 560fc831ba Minor Streamer Fixes 18 years ago
  edgeeffect 4f30455269 PoshSampler Fixes, (Wave) File Chooser improvements 18 years ago
  edgeeffect 9d9f8e328f new right-click menu, new mouse clicks 18 years ago
  edgeeffect ceae6787b1 repair to examples/sequence.ssm 18 years ago
  edgeeffect 7b5c34efd4 ReTrig button for PoshSampler 18 years ago
  nebogeo 2647e23bf6 gui controls finer and added a small filter to try to remove pops 18 years ago
  edgeeffect 6391be6c9f help text update for streamer 19 years ago
  edgeeffect 4f644867b9 new output for stream plugin - progress CV 19 years ago
  aj_genius a860214ab6 make configure spewage a debug flag 19 years ago
  aj_genius 024237703d fixed pasting where the source path contains spaces 19 years ago
  aj_genius de09d12600 fixed creating file paths with spaces/odd chars. 19 years ago
  edgeeffect 6a8922c4d4 new menu bar 19 years ago
  edgeeffect 23c67e0121 new Makefile.in files with no mention of .PRO files 19 years ago
  edgeeffect bab6a4a072 removing .PRO files 19 years ago
  edgeeffect 09e3f2d172 Translate Plugin, Misc Fixes 19 years ago
  edgeeffect 51dd2cf347 removing old files - not used anymore 19 years ago
  edgeeffect f3041f5232 removed old files - not used anymore 19 years ago
  edgeeffect 5a67cedbe7 removed redundant .pro files 19 years ago
  edgeeffect 005d4fbab8 Stream GUI upgrades, SndFile Dialogs, Jack tidy 19 years ago
  aj_genius 3352a2e76c changed select behaviour - left-click replaces selection with individual device, right click always pulls up menu(as opposed to ctrl-right click), and shift works as modifier as well as ctrl for both drag and individual select 19 years ago
  aj_genius 3773f8b1c1 change UpdateDataSize in ChannelHandler to ReplaceData to properly update new data as well as size. 19 years ago
  aj_genius d18804769c fixed UpdateDataSize for channel handler, fixed scope and meter accordingly 19 years ago
  aj_genius f7eae4a591 Added Reset Button to Main Bar(not always safe - can sometimes freeze program) 19 years ago
  aj_genius ba21d1c2b7 Add Pause/Play Button, switch PauseAudio functionality to Freeze/Thaw so Pause doesn't freeze gui updates 19 years ago
  aj_genius 325e98a5a3 Started AudioDriver framework, switched Jack and OSS for basic differences, 19 years ago
  edgeeffect ad4e27170a MousePlugin Updates 19 years ago
  aj_genius aba49a296b fixing transpose by removing broken buffer, hopefully will work now for both gcc 2.95 and gcc 3.x 19 years ago
  edgeeffect 3ea7426070 Next phase of MousePlugin development 19 years ago
  edgeeffect 3664081ce9 GCC 2.95 compile error fixes 19 years ago
  aj_genius 813881ffe8 adding the ability to reset any plugins state(but not settings) 19 years ago
  aj_genius cbc0145c20 Rewrite config file reading/writing to safely handle invalid sections/entries 19 years ago
  aj_genius be2e0b766a try and fix header includes for gcc 2.95 19 years ago
  edgeeffect 020dca4c86 removed ./createlinks - see new ./test-run script 19 years ago
  edgeeffect a107b12131 Meter/Scope move group / peak LEDs on mono-mixer 19 years ago
  aj_genius 0d1d13c3ed Add Copy, Paste, and Merge functionality to the Canvas. 19 years ago
  aj_genius afec66867b Rework Transpose Function to use a natural log to calculate proper note. 19 years ago
  aj_genius 241f31dbb9 Add Denormal CPU Spike Workaround via a minimal value threshhold, 19 years ago