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  1. In no particular order:
  2. Yves Usson did lots of early work on the GUI, and provided the excellent
  3. Fl_Knob widget. Also authored plugins such as the WaveShaper.
  4. Erik de Castro Lopo helped with the configure scripts.
  5. Takashi Iwai fixed many compiler issues and other fixes.
  6. Nicolas Noble first wrote the LADSPA plugin.
  7. Dr Bill Bland wrote the JoystickPlugin and provided patches for the apply
  8. button in the options.
  9. Dan "Pawfal" Bethell tested, helped with GUI and fixes, and has been known
  10. to provide beer.
  11. Fade of pawfal fame wrote the DistributorPlugin and does much testing.
  12. Andy Preston fixes stuff all over the place that I'm too lazy to, also wrote
  13. many plugins and adds handy features.
  14. Mike Rawes maintains the LADSPA plugin, and wrote the auto generating GUI for
  15. it. Also lots of other fixes, and gcc3.x "porting".
  16. Andrew Johnson added libsnd support and reworked the JackPlugin, and
  17. DiskWriterPlugin, and fixed loads of bugs.
  18. Michel Pollet porting to OSX.
  19. Stefan Schwandter did sime install script fixes.
  20. Joe Jones did lots of fixes and is currently working on subpatch implementation.
  21. Patrick Shirkey helped with all the helptext and provides much testing and feedback.
  22. Kenny Graunke does testing and helped with Makefile bugs
  23. Paul Davis helped with nasty threading issues and unwittingly provided code
  24. from his ardour project.
  25. Dave Griffiths started the thing going.
  26. Let me know (dave) if any of this is wrong, or you have been missed off - it was
  27. quite difficult to gather all the information :)