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  Nils 1f193b71c2 Create 'extras' directory to hold helper libraries etc. pynsm is now part of this repository 2 years ago
  Nils a0e9ecabd0 changelog 2 years ago
  Nils a28967e7cb changelog 2 years ago
  Nils 3b0ffc4af3 Next version is a minor one, not a patchlevel one. Introducing the --quiet switch makes this necessary. 2 years ago
  Nils ad1dce3bf0 CHANGELOG formatting and announce XDG Change for next release 2 years ago
  Nils 4f08c7dd50 Changelog for --quiet 2 years ago
  Nils 0a16b92532 CHANGELOG and regenerate docs and manpages 2 years ago
  Nils ce21702de3 Add last fix to changelog and api docs 2 years ago
  Nils f16f4dbbea Changelog: Move non-sm 1.1.0 to 'initial release'. Now we have a complete history 2 years ago
  Nils 2419b9dbb7 fix CHANGELOG wrong release date for non-sm 2 years ago
  Nils abb3849bcd Add dates to changelog. Also add last Non-SM release, for comparison 2 years ago
  Nils 930d62d249 Add documentation to CHANGELOG and sort by executables 2 years ago
  Nils accba9b792 Continue documentation generation 2 years ago
  Nils c1a76fd3e7 Update changelog 2 years ago
  Nils 608f146bc0 update changelog 2 years ago
  Nils f59790200c Update changelog for client sending when detached 2 years ago
  Nils 6a7aba8d34 update changelog 2 years ago
  Nils 0919aff9ab manually merge --load-session patch by Rik Berkelder 2 years ago
  Nils bc586c68bb update changelog 2 years ago
  Nils 52913d3452 Update changelog 2 years ago
  Nils 1570004752 update changelog and add authors file 2 years ago
  Nils 41d535f535 proper terminal symbol for listing sessions 2 years ago
  Nils 2e8e64f027 Typos and sorting 2 years ago
  Nils 9257a456ad
Rename new-session-manager executable to nsm-legacy-gui to prevent future confusion. 2 years ago
  Nils 326a46ce9f
Meson build targets now options. Reflect in readme 2 years ago
  Nils 88202c9a79
Add header copyright even to unchanged files to adhere to stricter packaging requirements. 2 years ago
  Nils 083876be35 1.3 is a better version number for the amount of changes 2 years ago
  Nils 53cab9f9bf Better readme. update changelog 2 years ago
  Nils 9f228b6b10 Changelog for meson 2 years ago
  Nils e748de4a95 CHANGELOG, explaining the current state 2 years ago