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  Nils 1f193b71c2 Create 'extras' directory to hold helper libraries etc. pynsm is now part of this repository 2 years ago
  Nils a0e9ecabd0 changelog 2 years ago
  Nils 5f8902e574 Replace cowboy-language with normal, descriptive reply messages 2 years ago
  Nils a28967e7cb changelog 2 years ago
  Nils 4db63f8837 Implement various safeguards to not let orphaned clients or daemons instances live without the user realizing. 2 years ago
  Nils 3b0ffc4af3 Next version is a minor one, not a patchlevel one. Introducing the --quiet switch makes this necessary. 2 years ago
  Nils ad1dce3bf0 CHANGELOG formatting and announce XDG Change for next release 2 years ago
  Nils 4f08c7dd50 Changelog for --quiet 2 years ago
  Nils 992a044efa Introduce command line parameters to handle showing nmsd messages. Default is on. Remove any NDEBUG handling, because that was overidden by distributions default build options. We want the users to report meaningful bugs 2 years ago
  Nils 0a16b92532 CHANGELOG and regenerate docs and manpages 2 years ago
  Nils 7efc5259cb Rename legacy-gui to nsm-legacy-gui. This is only internal, the build and install name was already nsm-legacy-gui. This fixes the manpage which was wrong before 2 years ago
  theGreatWhiteShark 03e637f854
fix resizing (#65) 2 years ago
  Olivier Humbert fb380bf725
Adds a French name in the desktop file (#55) 2 years ago
  Nils 09975f4857 link api directly in the readme 2 years ago
  Nils a8ab514027 Add explanation comments to nsm.h 2 years ago
  Nils 972b8ca3ad Change all occurences of argodejo to agordejo 2 years ago
  Hermann 95724bd549
Fix memleak (missing free() for session_root) (#50) 2 years ago
  falkTX a84e99bda5
Fix printf usage for -Wformat-security 2 years ago
  Nils de77658436 Add a set of simple, neutral icons. Better than no icons 2 years ago
  Nils 7b64274cc5 asciidoc syntax screw-up 2 years ago
  Nils 6c08d5c27c Readme.md 2 years ago
  Nils 4d11683c3e Mention in the readme that we are a music session manager and do not aim to be the de-facto-standard for window manager sessions :) 2 years ago
  Nils 77b159003d generate new api html 2 years ago
  Nils ce21702de3 Add last fix to changelog and api docs 2 years ago
  Nils f80ce16151 Send consistent session name/relative-path pair to the annouced GUI, no matter how the session was loaded. #46 2 years ago
  Nils f16f4dbbea Changelog: Move non-sm 1.1.0 to 'initial release'. Now we have a complete history 2 years ago
  Nils 2419b9dbb7 fix CHANGELOG wrong release date for non-sm 2 years ago
  Nils abb3849bcd Add dates to changelog. Also add last Non-SM release, for comparison 2 years ago
  Nils 642b82ff51 Fix remaining server_control -> server-control typo 2 years ago
  Nils f69f4e9736 API fix typos, grammar. Thanks to Ben Trolley for proof-reading 2 years ago
  Nils c16671614f typos in docs. Small addition about hosts that are not based on nsmd 2 years ago
  Nils c44e7c351b italian .desktop comment. thanks redtide 2 years ago
  Nils 1c32d71057 Add docs URL to readme 2 years ago
  Nils 11dd8da52f generate documentation 2 years ago
  Nils 3b311e7ed0 Documentation: Rebrand to New Session Manager. Add proper upstream credits. Add licensing, semantic versioning and rfc2119. Replace snide remarks and passive agressive language with technical information. Append chapter that lines out what effect API changes will have. Add history of API changes. Replace outdated examples from 2010 with current ones. This sounds like a lot of changes, but most of the document stays exactly the same. Also fix typos etc. 2 years ago
  Nils 930d62d249 Add documentation to CHANGELOG and sort by executables 2 years ago
  Nils 0e041ffa31 Provide full semantic versioning to nsmd.cpp 2 years ago
  Nils 7c94b07479 provide manpage for symlink non-session-manager. Put manpage install into the right functions in meson.build. Fix typo in help string 2 years ago
  Nils 47e30cc6b3 Add documentation, manpages, update all executable to have --help commandline parameters 2 years ago
  Nils accba9b792 Continue documentation generation 2 years ago
  Nils eaf0d1ae70 Copy NSM API docs verbatim 2 years ago
  Nils c1a76fd3e7 Update changelog 2 years ago
  Nils 9075c1b0be legacy-gui: dark theme 2 years ago
  Nils 964314f745 legacy-gui: Remove undocumented 'feature' that adds nsm-proxy when adding a single space as client name 2 years ago
  Nils 11bca88db7 Only show a colored border around client widgets when there is a warning state. Normal operation is just normal looking 2 years ago
  Nils 55b4888064 Mention FLTK version in the readme 2 years ago
  Nils 7f9ff66897 Switch legacy-gui FLTK scheme to 'gtk+', improving rendering, fonts and widgets 2 years ago
  Nils 1698cf9c2d Protect all input dialog windows against empty strings 2 years ago
  Nils 608f146bc0 update changelog 2 years ago
  Nils 6380c79cc6 always send the executable name to the client first, later followed by the announced name. This is standard behaviour that was implicitely expected by legacy-gui. issue #41 2 years ago