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  falkTX 9ba44b14b8
Sync bufsize.c with jack2, cleanup whitespace 3 years ago
  falkTX d5885d2ff0
Sync lsp.c with jack2, clean up 3 years ago
  falkTX d03beb730b
Sync connect.c with jack2 3 years ago
  Rui Nuno Capela 7f04668b23 Set a dummy process callback so that timebase master is effective. (#10) 3 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 8d13c31ecc Merge pull request #9 from dehnhardt/master 5 years ago
  Holger Dehnhardt ef8029546c added a toggle command 5 years ago
  falkTX e7cb1162a4 transport.c: save the first tick as double 5 years ago
  falkTX eb19b1a582 transport.c: fix drift due to rounding errors 5 years ago
  Paul Davis 02ddc6ea2f Merge pull request #6 from erikd/master 6 years ago
  Erik de Castro Lopo 105e4a9600 Makefile.am: Fix for newer versions of automake 6 years ago
  Paul Davis 2ea43fc303 add port rename callback to jack_evmon 7 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 8623f5bbe1 Merge pull request #3 from falkTX/master 8 years ago
  falkTX 4d3e759a90 Fix typo in property.c 8 years ago
  pauldavisthefirst 39c1130416 Merge pull request #2 from PeterN/fix 8 years ago
  Peter Nelson 76056b1332 Fix static variables permitting only one instance of each of zita-a2j/zita-j2a internal clients. 8 years ago
  Peter Nelson c6a34b92c5 Fix for jack_internal_client_handle API change. 8 years ago
  Peter Nelson 363d827f96 Fix incorrect thread priority which prevent the ALSA thread from running unless ulimit -r was 99. 8 years ago
  Paul Davis c0b7402b80 do not subtract max priority from jack RT priority 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 7104eed8fe prevent crash in jack_property when used with no arguments 8 years ago
  Paul Davis c302779c47 change linkage method for libjack in zalsa build since this has to work without an installed libjack 8 years ago
  Paul Davis f1d41e44e4 rearrange Jackclient class so that we can pick up default sample rate and bufsize from the JACK server if they are not specified 8 years ago
  Paul Davis d8fc1f7982 improve formatting of --help output from jack_property 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 1d4851b751 fix up incorrect conditionals that caused zita bridge to be built unconditionally 8 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 8461ac0d4d Copy midi_dump.c from JACK2 8 years ago
  Paul Davis ff8fdb5af5 change UUID implementation to use integers and serial counters; remove -L option from jack_lsp because "total latency" is deprecated 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 71b91eeb81 removed ALSA MIDI client 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 02a287e745 add new internal zita-based ALSA audio adapters 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 33e9540507 add Makefile stuff for new internal zita-based ALSA audio adapters 8 years ago
  Paul Davis ae59a3a7e7 fixup help/usage output for jack_load, which were misleading/wrong 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 16709a904f give a suitable message if attempting to unload a non-internal client 8 years ago
  Paul Davis c06f91c48b if the request client name could not be found for internal client, consider that a fatal error 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 101e32c793 Merge branch 'uuid' 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 2633e4ff51 prevent crash if UUID for client is not found 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 3efef3f45a fix up incorrect test for successful UUID return from jack_get_uuid_for_client_name() in jack_lsp() 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 867ba42f64 jack_property should not attempt to start a server if one is not running 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 0b9c2b585e consolidate all alsa_midi output via a2j_debug or a2j_error, make a2j_debug be compile-time and run-time conditional 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 3de3dcee7e remove debug output 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 7aebcedd57 add wildcard for libtool crap to .gitignore 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 79b41d1ad2 add "new" internal client for ALSA MIDI 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 3cbecc704f fix typo in .gitignore 8 years ago
  Paul Davis f1d2bec8b5 add property.o to .gitignore 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 55b2786c4f add jack_property (executable) to .gitignore 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 0c64f246bd fix up jack_property to use working jack_get_all_properties() 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 6ac302ba86 add prperty changes to stuff monitored by jack_evmon (in tools) 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 9222d7a4ee add jack_client_t* to metadata calls that need to contact the server to initiate a property change callback 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 3150f173da add new jack_property tool for setting, listing and deleting metadata 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 177e91545d changes required by UUID-related changes to the internal client API 8 years ago
  Paul Davis a7fb88c0de add -U option to jack_lsp to display port UUIDs 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 2782a5ba56 Revert "add -U option to jack_lsp to display port UUIDs" 8 years ago
  Paul Davis 6598c7e1bc add -U option to jack_lsp to display port UUIDs 8 years ago