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  1. .TH JACKREC "1" "!DATE!" "!VERSION!"
  2. .SH NAME
  3. jackrec \- JACK toolkit client for recording audio
  5. .B jackrec
  6. \-f filename \-d seconds [ \-b bitdepth ] port1 [ port2 ... ]
  8. .B jackrec is a basic, but useful, audio recorder that will record
  9. audio from 1 or more JACK ports to a file on disk. The file format is
  10. always RIFF/WAV, with samples stored as signed integers. The sample
  11. bit depth can be selected using the \fI-b\fR option. The file will
  12. have as many channels as there are ports specified on the command line
  13. - each channel will contain the data recorded from one port. The user
  14. should generally specify the duration (in seconds) using the \fI-d\fR
  15. option. If not specified, jackrec will record until terminated by a
  16. signal (eg. from Ctrl-c).
  17. .PP
  18. This application is not intended to be a heavy duty audio recorder,
  19. and originated as an example client to show how to handle threading
  20. and disk I/O in a JACK client. However, it is a useful, simple
  21. recorder and is included in the JACK toolkit as a result.