4048 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Filipe Coelho 99e5d115ea
Update link to new-session-manager jackaudio page 3 months ago
  falkTX d732afcb38
Fix win32 CI builds 4 months ago
  Florian Walpen 819f46147e
FreeBSD: Override UpdateLatencies() to fit OSS latencies. 6 months ago
  Florian Walpen c699e0cfe0
CI: Fix FreeBSD build, remove --example-tools option. 7 months ago
  falkTX d2bd4feed3
Do not ship tools in automated Windows CI builds 7 months ago
  falkTX 30bde7653e
Clear CI cache for fresh builds 7 months ago
  falkTX 9267f9c61f
Bump version and update changelog 7 months ago
  falkTX a0b3e3e4dd
Remove readline as dependency 7 months ago
  falkTX e60daa40a8
comment out ubuntu-20.04 CI build for now 7 months ago
  falkTX fb5da39783
Remove zita dependencies 7 months ago
  falkTX c69d6097c2
sndfile is no longer a dependency 7 months ago
  falkTX 564c710eef
Remove example-clients and tools 7 months ago
  falkTX 3d5ace462f Do not install qttools5-dev-tools for win32/64 CI builds 7 months ago
  falkTX 0f535e3d2c
IRC has moved to Libera Chat a while ago 7 months ago
  falkTX 1abd04edab
Fix typo for packaging 7 months ago
  falkTX 6b3c96d8ae
Merge branch 'master' into develop 7 months ago
  falkTX 82ec942605
Update changelog 7 months ago
  falkTX 45042beac5 Make JackMachSemaphore more robust, dont use thread_terminate 7 months ago
  David Runge 5aa5861af0 Fix jack_control for flake8 compatibility 7 months ago
  David Runge b5ca229866 Run flake8 on all wscript files and on jack_control 7 months ago
  falkTX 88102ec4a7
Bump version to 1.9.21 7 months ago
  falkTX ac00dee3ae
Fix ubuntu-20.04 CI test 7 months ago
  falkTX fc82bfc572 Update changelog 7 months ago
  nick87720z 3a19b628f8
jack_control - shell mode and update (#821) 7 months ago
  David Runge aa27576236
Fix wscripts syntax (#826) 7 months ago
  Be cceca54255
fix JackWeakAPI on Windows (#846) 7 months ago
  falkTX 84d80c0a8c
Make sure CI builds do not use LTO 7 months ago
  falkTX 61f0d4accb
Update changelog, fixup for CI builds 7 months ago
  falkTX c9d8173d27
Make example-tools off by default 7 months ago
  falkTX 6af0909e1d
Make example-tools off by default 7 months ago
  Florian Walpen 4c55ca8be0 Missing check for graph manager in JackAPI. 10 months ago
  Florian Walpen 84a21a8cb9 Bad semaphore allocation in midi_latency_test. 10 months ago
  Florian Walpen d8f59c2f80 Fix bad deallocation in JackMidiAsyncQueue. 10 months ago
  Andreas Pape 58194d90f4 JackFifo: Apply given init value in allocate 8 months ago
  Biswapriyo Nath 3a5e040155 pkgconfig: Use predefined variables in Libs and Cflags 9 months ago
  Florian Walpen 21b293dbc3 Fix alignas() on non-packed architectures (#839). 10 months ago
  Alexis Murzeau 3d681a3a99 installer: add qwindowsvistastyle.dll for QJackCtl 10 months ago
  Florian Walpen 37d6369ad3
FreeBSD: Cleanup unused SNDCTL_AUDIOINFO code. 10 months ago
  Guido Aulisi 9beb02d828 Fix build of jack-example-tools man pages 10 months ago
  Florian Walpen 2980933a80 API: Export missing symbols to jack library. 10 months ago
  falkTX a2fe7ec2fd Update Changelog 10 months ago
  Claudio Cabral 719fa1d545 Add 32 bit support for ALSA driver (#811) 10 months ago
  Alexander Traud e2ad1e40cf Fix grouping for latest doxygen. 1 year ago
  Aleksandr Beliaev d4d464e2b1 Override permission issues by separating users metadata 1 year ago
  Florian Walpen a1ea8a9bb5 FreeBSD: Add missing OSS option --excl to man page. 10 months ago
  Florian Walpen 54217a5d8d CI: Bogus install prefix in FreeBSD Cirrus CI. 10 months ago
  falkTX e332bd7e72 Update changelog 11 months ago
  Florian Walpen ea359377fc CI: Add FreeBSD builds through Cirrus CI. 11 months ago
  falkTX ffde5f7863 CI: use full list of bad packages, for posterity 11 months ago
  falkTX ce575b3b81 Add back IRC notifications 11 months ago