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Operating System Compatibility Modules for WAF

This directory contains waf modules that aid compatibility across different operating systems. Here a module is a pluggable and reusable piece of code for the waf build system along with necessary replacements.

To create a new compatibility module simply create a new subdirectory containing a wscript file and any necessary replacement files. The wscript must define the options, configure and build functions.

To use the modules you need to call recurse in your options, configure and build commands. For example

def options(opt):
    # Do stuff...
    # Do other stuff...

def configure(conf):
    # Do stuff...
    # Do other stuff...

def build(bld):
    # Do stuff...
    # Do other stuff...

assuming this directory is called compat. After doing this you need to take any necessary actions described in the modules you want to use.

The code in this directory is intended to be generic and reusable. When writing new modules, please keep this in mind. Whenever necessary it should be possible to make this directory a git submodule and all the subdirectories other submodules, to aid reuse.

If you would like to use these modules in another project, please file an issue so that we can join forces and maintain the compatabilitiy modules in a separate repository.