20 Commits (23fab4f1bbb71e5df3aac24680f7341f3fc00ff0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  sletz 395e37770c Cleanup in driver/internal loading code, correct wscript for driver and internals compilation. 15 years ago
  sletz f5b0f47702 Correct doxyfile. 15 years ago
  nedko 014b18dee4 Fix #75 (more) 15 years ago
  sletz a6860540ea Cleanup 15 years ago
  sletz c0f0fd7cc9 Merge control branch. 15 years ago
  sletz 12d9013c4d Start of version 0.72 16 years ago
  sletz 2d3fc39a9a Start of 0.71 version 16 years ago
  sletz f6cf40fa93 Documentation 16 years ago
  sletz c4d853784b On OSX, use CFNotificationCenterPostNotificationWithOptions with kCFNotificationDeliverImmediately | kCFNotificationPostToAllSessions for server ==> JackRouter plugin notification. 16 years ago
  sletz b3f0a1c0fc Version 0.68 16 years ago
  sletz afb9f5fc16 Start of 0.67 version 16 years ago
  sletz 7e60c5860f Version 0.66 16 years ago
  sletz 192a90251d Version 0.65 16 years ago
  sletz 50daedc04b Version 0.64 16 years ago
  sletz 173834dd66 Updated 16 years ago
  sletz 8894b8eb9c Version 0.62 17 years ago
  sletz 3eb41c13cc Update doxyfile 17 years ago
  sletz b470258968 Version 0.60 17 years ago
  sletz af4425e966 Change version number 17 years ago
  sletz 8f7f8a2af8 Added file 17 years ago