189 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ihsinme 596b140d67 Update JackNetUnixSocket.cpp 3 weeks ago
  Timo Wischer dd24ce3210 posix: fifo: use right prototype 2 years ago
  Timo Wischer c95bd9631f posix: socket: Add missing time header include 2 years ago
  Adam Miartus 259a5ebc91 posix: remove frequent log in verbose mode 1 year ago
  Laxmi Devi c2e301703e JackFifo: Fix the fifo name in the jack_error log 2 years ago
  Henry Hu 6e94c67d0a use feature test macro correctly 1 year ago
  Adam Miartus c1409c88ec jack: remove unnecessary GPL include from LGPL code 1 year ago
  Juuso Alasuutari 0ee218826b If pthread_setschedparam() in JackPosixThread::AcquireRealTimeImp() fails 2 years ago
  luz.paz a93b210134 FIx doxygen and user facing and non-facing typos 2 years ago
  Joseph A. Yasi dad4b57027 Set fSocket to -1 after close on an error to prevent a double close. 2 years ago
  Stephane Letz e298b4409d Correct GPL licence to LGPL for header files needed to build libjack. 2 years ago
  Filipe Coelho 59550f67ee
Fix client UUID gen, and some warnings (#440) 2 years ago
  falkTX d851fada46 Fix OSX build 2 years ago
  Karl Linden f5f22c6bef
Revert "Fix unused{,-but-set}-variable compiler warnings." 3 years ago
  Karl Linden dde9f29a8e Fix unused{,-but-set}-variable compiler warnings. 4 years ago
  Alba Mendez 63269497fd Set ToS octet on netjack packets 3 years ago
  James Thomas d80de6c81a Use PTHREAD_EXPLICIT_SCHED for non RT threads 3 years ago
  Cédric Schieli d4f925c2ea Secure promiscuous mode for posix semaphores 4 years ago
  Cédric Schieli bb7faafd1c Secure promiscuous mode for unix sockets 4 years ago
  James Thomas 05f87555df Remove unused JackPosixSemaphore::Wait() function 4 years ago
  James Thomas d9918c3d29 Fix a crash in JackPosixSemaphore::Wait() 4 years ago
  Stephane Letz 364159f821 Fix for JackNetUnixSocket::SendTo. 5 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 43efc94ebd Fix C++14 warning 5 years ago
  falkTX 394537687c Missing return in JackPosixSemaphore::ConnectInput 6 years ago
  Stephane Letz 3a6d6b32fc Framework moved in /Library again, using posing semaphores. 6 years ago
  Stephane Letz 008872fc16 Possible fix in JackPosixSemaphore::ConnectInput, cleanup. 6 years ago
  Robin Gareus 886a64e02a support [unescaped] double-quotes in jackdrc 6 years ago
  Stephane Letz ae81d3cb41 Cleanup. 7 years ago
  Stephane Letz 75a43e5f2e Improve error reporting in NetJack2. 7 years ago
  Stephane Letz c0f3d47280 More debug code in NetJack2. 7 years ago
  Stephane Letz f19cd3c1dd Uli Franke patch for start_server_classic. 7 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 84c1952786 Fix promiscuous mode 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz a4e319b753 Correctly pass code parameter in InfoShutdown callback. 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz e7239f0925 Cleanup netjack2 code (in progress). 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz 94ff6adbe4 Correct JackPosixSemaphore::Allocate and JackPosixSemaphore::ConnectInput. 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz 7ec46dbb46 Better handling of shutdown state in client side. 8 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 4d3595ebe5 Fix FTBFS introduced by ddb61e60 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz ddb61e607b Correct JackClient::OnShutdown. 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz 7849b9279e John Emmas patch for Windows. 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz e32b0cd318 Improve server shutdown and stop. 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz 3e63ef6ebb Correct JackServerSocket::Bind. 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz fbfebdcdd7 Fix some incoherency with strings (2). 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz feec982949 Move ClientKill in JackEngine class. 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz 7f09225b7a Code cleanup after compilation with clang. 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz b7c53a84db Move SYNC_MAX_NAME_SIZE in JackConstants.h, correct synchro primitives BuildName method. 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz e111f2ac8f Protect shared fSynchroTable access with a mutex. 8 years ago
  Basil Nutmeg c5352804af Delete some redundant macros and typedefs. 9 years ago
  Stephane Letz fc7a8f77b0 Undeeded error messages removed. 8 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov ce50e5b0ed waf: configure option for enforcing autostart method 9 years ago
  Stephane Letz 700489b429 Move NotifyQuit in JackServer::Stop. 9 years ago