110 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  luz paz ae9993bb34 Fix typos 1 year ago
  David Runge 5aa5861af0 Fix jack_control for flake8 compatibility 1 year ago
  nick87720z 3a19b628f8
jack_control - shell mode and update (#821) 1 year ago
  David Runge aa27576236
Fix wscripts syntax (#826) 1 year ago
  David Runge 8d7faa5bea Move jack_control to dbus (#831) 2 years ago
  David Runge 3d6fd78701 Remove use of svnversion_regenerate.sh 2 years ago
  Greg V ada406603c dbus: use Linux style uptime on FreeBSD 3 years ago
  Goran Mekić 5c667d5282 Add FreeBSD support 3 years ago
  falkTX 3009d7d606 Make sure we use python3 (another patch from Fedora) 4 years ago
  falkTX 0e04a68279 Fix blocking DBus device reservation, so it plays nice with others 4 years ago
  Guido Aulisi 266a3188c6 Fix compilation on ARM 4 years ago
  falkTX 93619ed0c5 Make sure we use python3 (another patch from Fedora) 4 years ago
  falkTX f19176657c Fix blocking DBus device reservation, so it plays nice with others 4 years ago
  Guido Aulisi 5286020560 Fix compilation on ARM 4 years ago
  luz.paz a93b210134 FIx doxygen and user facing and non-facing typos 4 years ago
  Filipe Coelho 59550f67ee
Fix client UUID gen, and some warnings (#440) 5 years ago
  shura bb3f5cb296 Solving problems while compiling jack2 on macOS X with dbus support (#434) 5 years ago
  Karl Linden 630c6145b8
Update to waf 2.0.11 5 years ago
  Adrian Knoth c5dac6270e More spelling fixes from Debian QA 6 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 6ccfdc1058 Mass-fix spelling errors 6 years ago
  Thomas Brand 6680b60f42 Show hint when DBus device reservation fails 6 years ago
  Thomas Petazzoni e2cba86e65 wscript: improve check for ucontext 7 years ago
  Samuel Martin 8ac6bf1b4a wscript: make backtrace support depends on execinfo.h existence 7 years ago
  Bernd Kuhls 628a52265f Add support for nios2 7 years ago
  Karl Lindén cf818931e4 explicitly import Logs and Options from waflib 8 years ago
  Karl Lindén c412d8384f replace WARNING with ERROR in configure messages 9 years ago
  Karl Lindén 8accf6531a add mandatory=False to dbus-1 check so that the custom error message is shown if dbus-1 is missing 9 years ago
  Karl Lindén 213f3ba20a drop unnecessary conf.is_defined('HAVE_DBUS_1') since it is the same as conf.check_cfg(package='dbus-1', ...) 9 years ago
  Karl Lindén f1c308e434 use pkg-config to find expat and drop explicit HAVE_EXPAT and LIB_EXPAT since they are set by check_cfg 9 years ago
  Karl Lindén ca66dd1c90 specify mandatory=False when checking for expat so that the expat error message can be reached if expat is not found 9 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 8f556dac4f Make audio_acquire() fail if audio_reservation_init() fails. 11 years ago
  Alexander Graf d11bb09529 Add support for aarch64 11 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 6414cd9dbf Improved error reporting in device reservation code 11 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 89c359eee0 [wscript] More fixes for -Wl,--as-needed 11 years ago
  Adrian Knoth a43aad2e91 Fix FTBFS on ppc64 11 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 007cdc3714 Make SA_SIGINFO conditional 11 years ago
  David Henningsson f82ec71566 jackdbus: Fix sigsegv handling segfaulting by itself 12 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov fcda41cb59 indention fix 12 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 83f991900d switch from set_options() to options() 12 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 329d83c92b swtich from uselib/uselib_local to use 12 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 971b1656d5 switch from bld.new_task_gen() to bld() 12 years ago
  Adrian Knoth aa7fe34739 wscript: Fix waf error (missing features) in dbus/wscript 12 years ago
  Adrian Knoth a534162500 wscript: Fix DBUS service file generation 12 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 58036bc80f Run 2to3 on all wscript files. 12 years ago
  sletz 32bc4fa557 Use a time-out in notification channel write function. 12 years ago
  sletz 1ce0d5cd61 Correction to use public headers in dbus code. 12 years ago
  nedko 7bbe5971bf jackdbus: group batch of saves into one 12 years ago
  nedko 1a205fac42 remove sneaked sleep that caused jack session saves to take long time 12 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 0f439c74dd jackdbus: implement session command queue 12 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov e93e526957 dbus: info log messages for session notify 12 years ago