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*** README.developers - JACK development practices ***

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What is this?

This file is a collection of practices and rules for JACK
development. If you have questions, or would like to make
changes, raise the issue on jackit-devel (see
http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/jackit-devel ).


- What is this?
- Version numbers
- Important files for developers
- Sending patches
- CVS Access
- Decision Process

Important files for developers

List of contributors. If you have contributed code, mail Paul
Davis to get your name added to the list, or if you have
CVS-access, help yourself. :) Also remember to update the
per source file copyright statements when committing changes.

This file.

A one file mini-bugzilla for JACK developers. Note: this file
is no longer actively updated - please use the Mantis
bugtracker instead, see http://jackit.sourceforge.net/dev/ .

A list of _all_ changes to the public interface!

Version numbers

JACK's package version

JACK's package version is set in configure.in, and consists of
major, minor and revision numbers. This version should be
updated whenever a non-trivial set of changes is committed
to CVS:

major version
ask on jackit-devel :)

minor version
incremented when any of the public or internal
interfaces are changed

incremented when implementation-only
changes are made

Client API versioning

JACK clients are affected by two interfaces, the JACK Client API (libjack)
and the JACK Client Protocol API (interface between jackd and
libjack). The former one is versioned using libtool interface
versioniong (set in configure.in). This version should be updated
whenever a set of changes affecting the interface is committed
to CVS:

incremented whenever the public libjack API is changed

incremented when the libjack implementation is changed

current libjack is both source and binary compatible with
libjack interfaces current,current-1,...,current-age

Note! It was decided in January 2003 that current interface number
will remain as zero until the first stable JACK version
is released.

JACK Client Protocol is versioned... <TBD>.

Note! All changes that affect the libjack API must be documented
in jack/libjack/ChangeLog using the standard ChangeLog style
(see GNU developer docs).

Sending patches

People without CVS-access

Send your patches to jackit-devel. Normally patches are accepted
by Paul Davis and/or Jack O'Quin. Either the patch is applied right
away, or you get an "ok to me" message, after which other developers
with CVS-access can commit the patch.

People with CVS-access

Trivial changes can be committed without review. For non-trivial
changes, you should first send a proposal to jackit-devel and
wait for comments. There are no strict approval rules so use of
common sense is recommended. ;)

Tips for making patches

- test your patch on a clean CVS-checkout
- remember to run cvs update before making commits

CVS Access

Contact Paul Davis.

Uses of external libraries and other packages

The main JACK components, jackd and libjack, should only use
standard POSIX and ANSI-C services. If use of other interfaces is
absolutely needed, it should be made optional in the build process (via
a configure switch for example).

Other components like example clients and drivers, may rely on other
packages, but these dependencies should not affect the main build

Decision Process

All non-trivial changes should be discussed on the jackit-devel
mailing list. It has been agreed that Paul Davis will make
the final decisions based on these discussions.