jack1 codebase
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  1. JACK was inspired by and partially designed during discussions on the
  2. Linux Audio Developers mailing list. Particularly significant
  3. contributions to those discussions came from (in alphabetical order):
  4. Paul Davis
  5. David Olofson
  6. Benno Sennoner
  7. Kai Vehmanen
  8. Many other members of LAD contributed ideas to JACK, particularly
  9. Richard Guenther.
  10. CONTRIBUTORS (in rough chronological order)
  11. Paul Davis
  12. the principal author of the JACK API and of the
  13. implementation contained here.
  14. Jack O'Quin
  15. frequently acted as the primary maintainer of JACK for long
  16. periods, and has contributed many new interfaces and bug fixes.
  17. Andy Wingo
  18. Kai Vehmanen
  19. provided many small patches and documentation.
  20. Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano
  21. contributed the capabilities-based code for Linux 2.4,
  22. and the RPM specfile.
  23. Jeremy Hall
  24. Steve Harris
  25. Martin Boer
  26. contributed sample clients and utilities.
  27. Taybin Rutkin
  28. manages releases and patch handling.
  29. Melanie Thielker
  30. contributed significantly to JACK's interaction with
  31. aspects of both POSIX and System V APIs.
  32. Stephane Letz
  33. ported JACK to Mac OS X and Windows, reimplemented
  34. JACK in C++ to give Jackdmp/JACK 2, lots of design
  35. work, bug fixes and testing.
  36. Jussi Laako
  37. wrote the OSS driver interface.
  38. Tilman Linneweh
  39. ported JACK to FreeBSD.
  40. Johnny Petrantoni
  41. wrote the Mac OS X CoreAudio driver interface.
  42. Rui Nuno Capela
  43. designed and implemented JACK improvements to work with his
  44. QJackCtl graphical interface for JACK.
  45. Karsten Wiese
  46. (with Rui) added US-X2Y USB device support to the
  47. ALSA backend, added read/write lock support.
  48. Lee Revell
  49. contributed statistical interfaces and much low-latency realtime testing.
  50. Ian Esten
  51. wrote JACK's MIDI port handling and API, along with example
  52. MIDI clients.
  53. Frank van der Pol
  54. wrote the COMPLEX_MMAP patch for ALSA, allowing JACK to run
  55. on multi-device PCM configurations.
  56. Dmitry Baikov
  57. wrote the jackmidi ALSA hardware support.
  58. Pieter Palmers
  59. wrote the freebob and firewire backends and some bugfixes.
  60. add jack-midi support to netjack
  61. Nedko Arnaudov
  62. contributed several fixes
  63. Jacob Meuser
  64. contributed the sun backend.
  65. Marc-Olivier Barre
  66. help with netjack integration and cleanup
  67. Torben Hohn
  68. wrote netjack, implemented mixed 64/32 bit support and bug fixes.
  69. Many others have contributed patches and/or test results, and we thank
  70. them all.