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  falkTX e03448bd15 Include windows header early 1 year ago
  falkTX 59afa499e2 Only use CALLBACK for windows 64bit builds 1 year ago
  falkTX 37fdcf4233 Fix typos 1 year ago
  falkTX 50c05fa4ba
Update code as needed for wineasio 1 year ago
  Stephen Sinclair c067c3d563 PyRtAudio: demo of how to use numpy 1 year ago
  Stephen Sinclair 2013bd555d Add a separate LICENSE file. 1 year ago
  Stephen Sinclair d3efca1098 CMake: fix Windows detection 1 year ago
  Stephen Sinclair 641d6008b6 PyRtAudio: Fix a strange retro-bug due to import print_function. 1 year ago
  Stephen Sinclair ba984d90fa PyRtAudio: Update to Python 3 1 year ago
  garyscavone 57c2c9d759
Merge pull request #218 from thestk/fix-wasapi-resampler-crash 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson 298396eca0 Slight optimization 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson 6fd444c67c Add maxOutSampleCount to WasapiResampler::Convert() 2 years ago
  garyscavone 1cba5c90a3
Merge pull request #210 from f1xpl/master 2 years ago
  Gary Scavone 1b570c8b2d Fix to CoreAudio update for deprecated behaviour. 2 years ago
  Gary Scavone 5d3d33bc46 Update to CoreAudio start and stop stream functions for deprecated behaviour and to allow multiple instances of RtAudio accessing same device. 2 years ago
  Michal Szwaj 2d9b95f999 Fix high CPU usage by PulseAudio backend when stream is stopped 2 years ago
  garyscavone 241e666f54
Merge pull request #207 from mcwissink/capture-flags-wasapi 2 years ago
  Mark Wissink 40c1649ede Change type of captureFlags to DWORD 2 years ago
  garyscavone 97e780e3ab
Merge pull request #204 from thestk/fix-wasapi-channel-offset 2 years ago
  garyscavone 6bbbed77c9
Merge pull request #203 from thestk/fix-pulseauio-non-interleaved 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson 50e9bba755 Fix WASAPI channel offset 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson a3af2b6e81 Fix PulseAudio non-interleaved user streams 2 years ago
  Gary Scavone d27f257b4b A few minor documentation updates for release 5.1.0. 2 years ago
  Gary Scavone 896623a477 Documentation and version updates before release 5.1.0 2 years ago
  Gary Scavone 5536d3a2d3 Added github URL to headers. 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair acb8458e22 [doc] document C interface. 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 6c585b5941 [doc] fix header file paths for out-of-source builds 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 4ea20ca26f [doc] callback return value in \return field 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 7da164bbb0 [doc] update RtAudioFormat description to match code 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair d4e011159d [automake, cmake] add apinames as automated test 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 2a9e187d7c [automake] add CMakeLists.txt to EXTRA_DIST 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 9bf6f57149 [automake] add README.md and cmake to EXTRA_DIST 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 1558bb5077 [cmake] support previous RTAUDIO_BUILD_* variables 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 6ca53c0e11 Merge branch 'pr193' 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 944c378e2a [cmake] expose some standard CMake options 2 years ago
  Gary Scavone c962b1a4e9 Bug fix for stream ticking in OS-X if using two different devices. 2 years ago
  Francesco Bertolaccini d3a4e88162 Update CMakeLists.txt 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 4ba65da527 Changes to CMakeLists to make use with add_subdirectory easier. 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson 939bc9655b WASAPI : Ring buffer in/out index fix 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson 155ccfd9eb WASAPI : Call tickStreamTime() only once per callback 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson 03599c1281 Check for '#if defined( WIN32 )' in test apps 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson 70250813b7 Fix CMake VS build 2 years ago
  garyscavone 01cc43c819
Merge pull request #185 from jleben/fix-alsa-get-device-count-error 2 years ago
  Jakob Leben 56cbfb5627 Alsa API: Fix use of invalid card handle 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson 3174b038b9
Merge pull request #183 from MarcusTomlinson/master 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson 4fa4a0f965 WASAPI : Fixed issue where latency was introduced on stream stop / start 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson 482eceb06a WASAPI : Removed unnecessary latency in I/O ring buffers 2 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson f31e1f80e4 WASAPI: calloc stream buffers to ensure unused channels are left silent 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 8c8240ecb9 Ensure a warning in asiolist.cpp does not become error with -Wall. 2 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair f25f7f23b5 Fix warning about casting result of GetProcAddress. 2 years ago