Audio plugin host
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Carla Logo Carla Plugin Host


What is Carla?

Carla is a fully-featured audio plugin host, with support for many audio drivers and plugin formats.
It's open source and licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.


  • LADSPA, DSSI, LV2 and VST2, VST3 and AU plugin formats
  • SF2/3 and SFZ sound banks
  • Internal audio and midi file player
  • Automation of plugin parameters via MIDI CC
  • Remote control over OSC
  • Rack and Patchbay processing modes, plus Single and Multi-Client if using JACK
  • Native audio drivers (ALSA, DirectSound, CoreAudio, etc) and JACK

In experimental phase / work in progress:

  • Export any Carla loadable plugin or sound bank as an LV2 plugin
  • Plugin bridge support (such as running 32bit plugins on a 64bit Carla, or Windows plugins on Linux)
  • Run JACK applications as audio plugins
  • Transport controls, sync with JACK Transport or Ableton Link

Carla is also available as an LV2 plugin and VST2 plugin.



See the official webpage also.