20 Commits (master)

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  Christoph Scholtes 9fbb254192 Use more robust download location to acquire isl library. 2 years ago
  Christoph Scholtes cf15f75104 Work around issue with isl not downloading for Windows and Linux builds of crosstool-ng. 2 years ago
  Christoph Scholtes 9e87cbc67e Add missing dependencies for build process. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt 619e6ecdd0 Add RAM requirement to readme. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt d0998a511c Recommend to use `make toolchain-all` instead of individually `make`ing each toolchain. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt c9db1ddcba Clarify -j flag in readme. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt 77422ab731
Merge pull request #3 from VCVRack/make-mflags 3 years ago
  Christoph Scholtes d05122258f Add MFLAGS to pass make options to Docker build. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt 06e07c5243
Merge pull request #2 from VCVRack/docker-build-fixes 3 years ago
  Christoph Scholtes a3c097f98e Install RackSDK when building Docker image. Update mounted output path when running Docker container. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt 4fa040cee1 Revise readme. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt 629138f205 Build LLVM gold in Mac toolchain. Clean up Makefile and Dockerfile. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt 8477266a05 Refactor Dockerfile. Move it into its own folder. 3 years ago
  Christoph Scholtes 955411c95f Implement Docker image build and plugin build. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt ee4d30b8db Add -static-libstdc++ to LDFLAGS for plugin build. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt 1cf951832e Add Acknowledgments section. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt 1f8be6c036 Add final disk space note to readme. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt cc2b79f44b Fix osxcross PATH. Remove osxcross build after installing it. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt 07cdf1f434 Refactor Makefile. 3 years ago
  Andrew Belt 8f775c5d5e Initial commit. 3 years ago