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Andrew Belt f8ef68c4f1 Delete ModelBox tooltips in a deferred way to avoid a use-after-free. 4 years ago
.github Rewrite CONTRIBUTING. Tweak issue templates. 4 years ago
dep Update curl and OpenSSL 4 years ago
docs Improve documentation of Module. 4 years ago
include Remove RACK_FLATTEN_NAMESPACES since it is not known to be used. 4 years ago
plugins Add stub to plugins directory 6 years ago
res Add LEDLightSlider and other component library classes. 4 years ago
src Delete ModelBox tooltips in a deferred way to avoid a use-after-free. 4 years ago
.astylerc Refactor engine worker thread relaunching. 4 years ago
.gitignore Add module description to ModuleBrowser tooltip. 4 years ago
.gitmodules Ignore untracked files in submodules. 4 years ago Switch to dev version. 4 years ago
Core.json Bump version. 4 years ago
Entitlements.plist Allow included Fundamental plugin to be unsigned, which solves #1494. 4 years ago
Info.plist Add changelog for 1.0.1. 4 years ago
LICENSE-GPLv3.txt Add GPLv3 license text. 4 years ago
LICENSE-dist.txt Add libsamplerate license to LICENSE-dist. 4 years ago Clarify wording in license details. 4 years ago
Makefile Switch to dev version. 4 years ago Add links to README. Add union to simd::Vector for serially accessing vector elements. 4 years ago
Rack.rc Fix Windows build, use portaudio pre-builds, remove curl init/destroy 6 years ago Make error more verbose 5 years ago
cacert.pem Use built-in certificate bundle for curl. 4 years ago Attempt to link to glibc 2.23 for plugins. 4 years ago Create dep/ folder when is included. 4 years ago Add changelogUrl to helper script. 4 years ago
icon.icns Fix icons 5 years ago
icon.ico Fix icons 5 years ago
installer.nsi Add version to Windows installer 4 years ago Clean up types in dsp/window.hpp. Fix createModel() in helpers.hpp if a member field exists called `model`. Fix `make install` path for plugins. Fail silently if a MIDI message >3 bytes is received. 4 years ago
template.vcv Tweak template patch. 4 years ago
valgrind.supp Add valgrind target and suppression file 4 years ago


Rack is the engine for the VCV open-source virtual modular synthesizer.