142 Commits (476a49b33b0539b825f53a51bfa7758558433ecc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Belt a419381f71 Parse -p flag as if it's a valid flag, in order to ignore -psn_... nonsense with Mac app translocation. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 584c37889f Add ability for plugins to use LuaJIT. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 98a86b6eae Add proper app bundle detection on Mac. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 8140897835 Don't include GLFW/glfw3native.h in window.hpp. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 7de83dca3b Use GLFW's glfwGetOpenedFilename() 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 3dbd084b33 Don't use glfwGetOpenedFilename() when launched via command line on Mac. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 96e623bb70 Fix screenshot flag -t 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt ac5e544d62 Change screenshot flag to -t [zoom]. Re-enable on Mac. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 1388e9ebb1 Add network::init(). Add asset::bundlePath. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt dca30e2b53 Auto-format code with astyle. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 3c957741bc Tweak .astylerc. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 2fbf67c287 Write stack trace to log.txt on Windows. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 6163efdf13 Add log path to fatal signal handler dialog message. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 7a86e4cc7c Add fatal signal handling on Mac, with better stability in the handler function. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 05e2e7b9c0 Reenable backtrace printing in log. Demangle symbols on Linux. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 923537402e Add updater.hpp/cpp and more advanced app updating functionality. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 60a1a47f00 Move system::getAbsolutePath() to string::absolutePath(). Implement on 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 029434dcb7 Add system::getAbsoluteDirectory(). 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 139f9a0da3 Disable -p flag on Mac for now since App Translocation interferes with it during normal launch. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt ca89558bb4 Use -v1 filename suffix for plugins/, settings.json, autosave.vcv, and template.vcv when running in non-dev-mode. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 696939069d Use <> instead of "" for include directive. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt beefa87ef6 Add update notification to Help menu item. Remove update popup dialog message, and remove "checkVersion" from settings. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt d9078e3f69 Allocate screenshot pixel array on heap. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 99783f9095 Added zoom level to Window::screenshot(). 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt e9ac9eb677 Add -p for creating screenshots of every module. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 7633c21765 Warn if settings.json file is invalid JSON. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 53a63187fe Add partial Unicode handling of filenames on Windows. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt a7ec68e4f0 Log OS version on launch 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt dd55681546 Add fatal error if res is not found. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 2446756c54 Make settings a namespace instead of a global class. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 0309ad7323 Move devMode and headless to Settings. Unzip Fundamental even if plugins/Fundamental folder exists but it isn't loaded. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt bc85e959fd Associate .vcv file type on Mac 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt ba9f945d27 Associate .vcv file type on Windows 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 3e860ca948 Remove error message from crash handler. Remove static linking of libgcc 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 207ca888ed Add string::trim. Add string::fuzzyScore. Add fuzzy scoring to Module Browser. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 0b17f9e2ca Move App from rack::app:: to rack::. Remove ambiguous operator overloads in simd.hpp. Include simd.hpp in rack.hpp. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 1a5ae9ea28 Tweaks to dsp/filter.hpp algorithms. Re-enable autosave on close. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 7e339831be Add headless mode, although patches cannot be loaded. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt ca57b21f0a Reorganize make dist. Copy Fundamental.zip in dev mode. Fix bug in 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 4904cc3dbf Remove Reassign mode from MIDI-CV. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 278ade311e Disable signal handler on Mac. Debug pixel ratios. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 10112f0722 Remove fake crash from testing 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 19772d6e2f Move stack trace to system.cpp 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 83355ad39e Fix windows fatal signal handler 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 622b5954ae Add windows fatal signal handler. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 7dae5aa367 Add fatal signal handler. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt b4be621ddc Update MIDI-CV panel. Prepare MIDI-CV for polyphony. Add "v" to version strings. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 62214d106a Convert settings namespace into class 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 8a5a806425 Add app::, ui::, and widget:: namespaces. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt e74da56005 Move patch loading from main() to PatchManager::init(). Load template.vcv if autosave.vcv does not exist. Create default template.vcv file. 5 years ago