180 Commits (476a49b33b0539b825f53a51bfa7758558433ecc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Belt a7fc2c67e3 Add text editing in NoteChoice of MIDI-Gate and CC-Gate. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 82098f21c4 Core MIDI-Map: Only set param if CC is initialized. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 49654d0c82 Fix sustain pedal bug in polyphonic mode. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 07099e9ccb MIDI-Map: Jump value for MIDI CC buttons. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 898f13cd91 MIDI-Map: re-enable filtering. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt dca30e2b53 Auto-format code with astyle. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 535b64c5bb Wrap Core plugin in core:: namespace. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt e51ce44588 Remove PulseAudio from default Linux rtaudio build, fix lastPath being overwritten when autosave is loaded, add List, replace AddModuleWindow with Sublime Text-like browser (partially complete) 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 614c6d0988 Add MIDITriggerToCVInterface skeleton 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt e4eaf22b87 Swap input/output LEDs in Audio Interface 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 25226eb5d5 Add MIDI-4 skeleton 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 6049c0abe5 Added util/color.hpp, fixed LightWidget color algorithm, added Ctrl+U key command for "Disconnect cables", refactor audio.cpp/midi.cpp, add new Audio Interface panel 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt df069a8870 Add grouping to AudioInterface 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt db8d0fc1d6 Add partial MIDI CC Interface, MIDI CV fixes 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 1ab4b2cb85 AudioInterface rework, Notes rework, partial MIDIToCVInterface rework 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 2ff1ee5c86 Allow separation from Module and ModuleWidget in Model subclass 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 6a8d2f5a4d Change Port's createInput and createOutput to create 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 2873f35e72 Add Widget::create static methods, replaces create*() helpers in 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 9a443f07c8 Refactoring, remove "f" and "i" prefixes from math.hpp functions 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 63cd488674 Added active light indicators to AudioInterface and MIDItoCVInterface 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 5e6463f5af Reorganize midi.hpp and audio.hpp, add prompt before clearing patch after crash, add Bridge scaffolding to AudioIO 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 575e4df2fd Use RELEASE=1 to build release version. VERSION is automatically set in the Makefile now. 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt ae251d8e57 Un-reverting last commit 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 0142ee2d20 Last commit doesn't do anything, reverted 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 355614f86d Close stream upon destructing AudioInterface 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt d7875d5e30 Add midi.cpp with MidiIO class 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt ca5d43ed9d Use closest sample rate in AudioIO::openStream() 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt ce1906a288 Use AudioIO in AudioInterface 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt f129f026f6 Add AudioWidget 6 years ago
  ben a99bca7daa fix pedal gate release 6 years ago
  ben d2aa5af287 Fix quad midi pedal handling 6 years ago
  ben 5584def2e8 Implement single message per step for all midi modules and Fix quad midi reset bug 6 years ago
  Matt Demanett 45e28ebbb1 Replace libsamplerate with libspeexdsp for sample rate conversion. 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 36cd050ba4 Remove Module::reset(), Module::initialize(), and Module::randomize(), 6 years ago
  Jeremy Wentworth e72618ea84 fixed note off velocity 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt e60117701c Run autoformatter on Core MIDI modules 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 56219530cb Clean up warnings 6 years ago
  Jeremy Wentworth d6eb97e6bf fixed note off velocity 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt b832b974e5 Fix RtAudio include path 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 91d414376c Audio Interface: add timed sleep lock to output buffer, adjust widgets 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt d1f213a3e1 Audio Interface: major refactor of threading and multiple driver support 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 4f703e3944 Audio Interface: made buffers lock-free, removed mutexes from openStream() and closeStream(), added timeouts for spin locks 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 2bc6678ca5 Add timed mutexes, hopefully solving deadlock issues in Audio Interface 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 046861c858 Add debug messages to Audio Interface 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 0f858a39e4 Audio Interface: Only display sample rates supported by the audio driver 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 43eae4f256 Yield immediately on audio driver thread if engine is paused 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt 2734f9c7f8 Update device name in AudioInterface choice widget only when deviceId 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt ef8f00be91 Audio Interface: Check if stream is running directly instead of using 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt b0a9f72b64 MacOS Audio Interface fixes 6 years ago
  Andrew Belt f33220aa9b Add mutex to AudioInterface::getDeviceName 6 years ago