197 Commits (v1)

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  Andrew Belt 8c7fd24724 Bump version. Update changelog. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 8ea69e536f Autoformat Streams.cpp. Clean up Streams. Add Mutable code to Makefile. Enable Streams in manifest. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 7b326b51f6 Add Tyler's Streams code. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 16d14c9887
Merge pull request #102 from Kautenja/patch-1 1 year ago
  Christian Kauten aa52df31d6
Update Tides2.cpp 1 year ago
  Christian Kauten e353ddc1b3
Update Tides2.cpp 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt d14a3e3833 Disable Streams. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 4ab7e42b48 Bump version. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 2be0375a13 Make Elements polyphonic. 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt 587c177edb Instead of adding a new menu section and `easterEgg` variable, absorb the easter egg mode into the list of alternative models with ID -1. 1 year ago
  eggix 2a175a15f9 added Elements' Easter egg to JSON 1 year ago
  eggix 9c736d8379 added Easter egg to Elements' context menu 1 year ago
  Andrew Belt cad420da52 Add Streams boilerplate. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 44c516c29b Rewrite and re-panel Branches. Make Branches polyphonic. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 8d37c0aed0 Bump version. Update readme. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt d9d75f6654 Fix polyphonic outputs for Shelves. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 3b3ae28645 Fix high shelf icon in Shelves SVG. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt d957fb82eb Add Shelves library and implement Shelves::process(). 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 5f2b8ddcae Update URL of eurorack submodule. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 4aa0fcd279 Add title to Shelves panel. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 55abc219ae Add WIP Shelves panel and UI code. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 9542971c5b Ripples: Remove nonfinite protection. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 7675ebb4cf Update eurorack submodule. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 1fcc416ba2 Update eurorack submodule. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 27890cf13e Update LICENSE-dist. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 07af6520f5 Make Links polyphonic. 2 years ago
  Tyler Coy 597d8a6f16 Fix Ripples runaway feedback bug 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 56dbdc20cf Add moduleUrls for all modules. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 4056917d94 std::log2 etc aren't constexpr in C++11. Treating them as such breaks that Mac build. Move to namespace-level `static const`. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 16184aa411 Add Ripples. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 4155b0b2d7 Autoformat code. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 7d1dc5ddcf Disable Ripples. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 4c810a1743 Bump version. Add polyphony tag to Plaits. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 7063288df2 Macro Oscillator 2: Make polyphonic. Use separate "invisible" parameters for LPG response and decay, so they can be MIDI-mapped and generally behave better. Clean up parameter quantities. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 13df8e81f8 Clean up Braids param quantities. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt cd3659198c Relicense source code from GPLv3 to GPLv3+ by adding "or later" clause to license text. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt c0cafa33bd Use MenuSeparator instead of MenuEntry for separating menu items. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 5f32f1a187 Add Ripples panel. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt c96d7a0812 Rename AudibleInstruments.hpp/cpp to plugin.hpp/cpp. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 2a0e9a9360 Macro Oscillator: Change range of coarse pitch parameter and default value to match hardware. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt dc2acdf026 Update changelog. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt f141a237c5 Add ModularGrid URLs to manifest. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt f91a0a913a Add changelogUrl. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt a9e2ff46fa Update changelog. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 97c9f27dc0 Fix URLs. Use correct "Hardware clone" tag. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt a9f8dfbb3a Fix typo. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt fbb6524505 Update license in manifest. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt 52effbd692 Add GPLv3 license. 2 years ago
  Andrew Belt ab5837a155
Merge pull request #85 from pgatt/v1 2 years ago
  Paul Gatt c01497bef7 Change to Title case convention 2 years ago