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  Patrick Desaulniers daeaaeaae4 Update DPF 3 years ago
  falkTX c689fa6baf Small cleanup in examples, fix nanovg not showing contents 3 years ago
  falkTX 421d7ab716 Tweak demo-multi, only close app when all windows close 3 years ago
  falkTX 049a874ba1 Use dpf develop branch 3 years ago
  falkTX 6a2c3fa190 Remove blendish example; update dpf 6 years ago
  falkTX 6c15bb8442 Update submodule 6 years ago
  falkTX f6106a2208 Update submodule 6 years ago
  falkTX ab0e791d8e Cleanup 7 years ago
  falkTX 295eccbe1b Start using the real blendish widgets 7 years ago
  falkTX b65a4818dd Continue 7 years ago
  falkTX e5bd3dfa09 Continue blendish work 7 years ago
  falkTX eb72a8f370 blendish example now draws 2 subwidgets; Add demo-subwidgets 7 years ago
  falkTX e78678d9d4 Update to latest DPF; Start blendish test code file 7 years ago
  falkTX a78e4a3574 Update to latest nanovg and dpf 7 years ago
  falkTX 7df65aaf9f Add demo-multi example, to test window transients 7 years ago
  falkTX eeb4a6dfa7 Update submodule 7 years ago
  falkTX 92b3d330c1 Update gitignore 7 years ago
  falkTX 40d4f96ba6 Start file-browser 7 years ago
  falkTX c12cb83cff Update submodule 7 years ago
  falkTX 7391ecf94f Fix build 7 years ago
  falkTX 278b8968c4 Fix build on OSX 7 years ago
  falkTX 5dbcc6d32c Fix build for new DPF 7 years ago
  falkTX 51bc2a25a0 More NTK tests 7 years ago
  falkTX 8c330ea711 Start test-example for NTK UI 7 years ago
  falkTX db91550066 Fix for updated DPF; Use extended fillColor 7 years ago
  falkTX 238f48b6a4 Update submodule 8 years ago
  falkTX 6285c8bea1 Update submodule 8 years ago
  falkTX 6e08fec398 Update submodule 8 years ago
  falkTX 38360cc818 Update submodule 8 years ago
  falkTX c5f0d82778 Misc 8 years ago
  falkTX a6ce0f7843 Fix build with new DPF 8 years ago
  falkTX aecbd044f1 Add missing files 8 years ago
  falkTX 7cd22a02b7 Add some text to demo app 8 years ago
  falkTX 21db505b5a Add text icon to demo app 8 years ago
  falkTX e9f40e3967 Re-add some lost code 8 years ago
  falkTX c0367b6893 More work 8 years ago
  falkTX bdb9f89ebf ermy 8 years ago
  falkTX 8ebb5acbca Fix for updated API 8 years ago
  falkTX 7a60520050 Add very small text example 8 years ago
  falkTX 29518a623c NanoVG now part of DPF, remove testing src 8 years ago
  falkTX a01b213ea7 Misc 8 years ago
  falkTX 843de325ab Experiments with NanoVG 8 years ago
  falkTX bd2b5d4a8e Update submodule 8 years ago
  falkTX 9f5ad68497 Update for new API 8 years ago
  falkTX 1d15a3de0f Try to do a resize handle widget (not working so well) 8 years ago
  falkTX 39ecd7b37a Cleanup 8 years ago
  falkTX 93ddf31259 Update for local widget coordinates 8 years ago
  falkTX 9bf5fd0323 Add qt-embed test app 8 years ago
  falkTX 6bcc95a57e Add line to demo app 8 years ago
  falkTX 2f84eff94d Add artwork needed by demo 8 years ago