Cross-Platform build scripts for audio plugins
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Build Status

PawPaw is a Cross-Platform build scripts setup for static libraries and audio plugins

It was created out of the need of many open-source developers to easily build their stuff for macOS and Windows,
where usually dependencies are involved which need to be built manually.

In order to make audio plugins self-contained, these dependencies/libraries need to be built statically,
which most packaging projects do not do.

Also, most open-source audio plugin projects to do not have binaries for macOS or Windows,
making it very difficult for users in these platforms to enjoy them.

PawPaw has the following goals:

  • Single script to build most common plugin dependencies statically, both natively and cross-compiling
  • Clean and simple code, easy to maintain and add new libraries to build
  • Statically built LV2 plugins for (at least) macOS and Windows
  • Define each plugin project in its own file, to make it easy to support new plugins via pull-request
  • Package the entire collection as an installer

Additonally, PawPaw will be used to build library dependencies for Carla and JACK2.