Cross-Platform build scripts for audio plugins
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Build Status

PawPaw is a Cross-Platform build scripts setup for static libraries and audio plugins

It was created out of the need of many open-source developers to easily build their stuff for macOS and Windows,
where usually dependencies are involved which need to be built manually.

In order to make audio plugins self-contained, these dependencies/libraries need to be built statically,
which most packaging projects do not do.

Also, most open-source audio plugin projects do not have binaries for macOS or Windows,
making it very difficult for users in these platforms to enjoy them.

This project was created as a way to do automated macOS and Windows builds of such projects and libraries,
so we can finally have a good collection of LV2 plugins on these system.
The same automated setup can then be re-used/extended to support other projects and applications.


PawPaw has the following goals:

  • Single script to build most common plugin dependencies statically, both natively and cross-compiling
  • Clean and simple code, easy to maintain and add new libraries to build
  • Statically build LV2 plugins for (at least) macOS and Windows
  • Define each plugin project in its own file, to make it easy to support new plugins via pull-request
  • Package the entire collection as an installer

Additionally, PawPaw is used to build library dependencies for Carla and JACK2.

For developers

Proper documentation on how to setup PawPaw for your own project will come at a later date.
But roughly all that is needed is something like:

# change dir to PawPaw root folder
cd /path/to/PawPaw
# build plugin dependencies for win64 target (only needed once)
./bootstrap-plugins win64
# set up environment variables for win64 builds with PawPaw static libs
source local.env win64
# change dir to your own project
cd /path/to/my/project
# build as usual
make # or whatever other build system applies