DISTRHO Plugin Framework
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Metronome example

This example will show tempo sync in DPF.

This plugin will output a sine wave at the start of every beat.
The pitch of sine wave is 1 octave higher at the start of every bar.

4 parameters are avaialble:

  • Gain
  • Decay time
  • Semitone
  • Cent

To calculate frames to the next beat from the start of current audio buffer, following implementation is used.

const TimePosition& timePos(getTimePosition());

if (timePos.bbt.valid)
    double secondsPerBeat = 60.0 / timePos.bbt.beatsPerMinute;
    double framesPerBeat  = sampleRate * secondsPerBeat;
    double beatFraction   = timePos.bbt.tick / timePos.bbt.ticksPerBeat;

    uint32_t framesToNextBeat = d_isZero(beatFraction)
                              ? 0
                              : static_cast<uint32_t>(framesPerBeat * (1.0 - beatFraction));
    // ...