623 Commits (master)

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  falkTX f2dbaded0a
Skip ARM CI stuff that currently gets stuck 4 months ago
  falkTX 6f732536d1
Fix juce7 build 4 months ago
  falkTX 4936b048e3
Remove unused javacore files 4 months ago
  falkTX 452839232c
Add juce7 patches 4 months ago
  falkTX 0de4c359bf
Update JUCE 7 to 7.0.1 4 months ago
  falkTX b88fedd991
Adjust build for juce7 update 4 months ago
  falkTX af1152e689
Fix swankyamp linux-embed build 4 months ago
  falkTX 2c3ff26e1e
Adjustments for building juce7 as static lib 4 months ago
  falkTX b4b9135c8f
Add juce 7.0 4 months ago
  falkTX 0880a48682
Move mingw-std-threads to libs dir 4 months ago
  falkTX 9d9b15a4d8
Update .gitignore 4 months ago
  falkTX 2697c5df77
Update juce6 for nogui/embed fixes 4 months ago
  falkTX d500be0794
Fix a typo, disable windows CI builds for now 5 months ago
  falkTX df21b91729
Split optimizations into different options 5 months ago
  falkTX 0735e7bab9
A few corrections detected from CI builds 5 months ago
  falkTX 8f45035494
First push for CI actions 5 months ago
  falkTX 457678c455
Add flag for helping to build macOS universal binaries 5 months ago
  falkTX 1b8d734818
Tweak build flags and optimizations 5 months ago
  falkTX 2823ffe376
Cleanup 5 months ago
  falkTX d010c4f587
Remove old travis config 5 months ago
  falkTX b6fb15d5e2
Move stuff around to properly differentiate between juce versions 5 months ago
  Florian Jung 5907a18cb5 JuceOPL: Fix GUI not updating on parameter changes 7 months ago
  falkTX 9f93a1966f
Add new files (not used) 1 year ago
  falkTX da3c3cc5a6
A few more tweaks needed for JUCE_AUDIOPROCESSOR_NO_GUI 1 year ago
  falkTX a304fdebd1
Dummy declarations for commonly used classes in DSP code 1 year ago
  falkTX 5749aa9605
Fix LV2 build with JUCE_AUDIOPROCESSOR_NO_GUI 1 year ago
  falkTX a256b1550c
Make swankyamp and vitalium compatible with linux-embed builds 1 year ago
  falkTX 2131ac41ee
Fix LV2 parameter offset for plugins with extra audio buses 1 year ago
  falkTX 52efe75c69
CI: Stop testing windows 32bit target 1 year ago
  falkTX 00bd0b1510
No optimizations for vitalium windows 32bit build 1 year ago
  falkTX fe5bf2e87d
Update juce 1 year ago
  falkTX c81c63cb42
Disable lv2 presets for SwankyAmp 1 year ago
  falkTX 1bd0781dd5
A little help for plugin validation 1 year ago
  falkTX 32de35c3cc
Update juce 1 year ago
  falkTX bc2fd1c9e7
Fix a typo in unfa's presets 1 year ago
  falkTX f207ef6a54
Vitalium: Use padding around logo in header section 1 year ago
  falkTX 5f020dd05e
Add Vitalium unfa bank (lv2) 1 year ago
  falkTX 228c8eb37a
Fix GL embed window offset in plugins 1 year ago
  falkTX f9c2656797
vitalium: remove expired dialog, 1 more auth stuff 1 year ago
  falkTX 204d843be7
Add mingw vst3 build fix patch 1 year ago
  falkTX f5b8a3718e
win32 build fix 1 year ago
  falkTX da0b52f11f
vitalium: partial remove of midi manager 1 year ago
  falkTX c557b35cdd
Remove juce workaround for crash on close, no longer needed 1 year ago
  falkTX 284ee9c395
vitalium: remove device selector (unused in plugin builds) 1 year ago
  falkTX da2868f1a4
Make juce_audio_devices optional, cleanup meson files 1 year ago
  falkTX a058eaa063
Destroy and recreate editor on lv2 ui cleanup, fixing vitalium 1 year ago
  falkTX cb80ec0308
Do not build chow by default, it was mostly a test for new juce 1 year ago
  falkTX 2d1d8fa5d2 Update to latest juce 1 year ago
  Filipe Coelho 98bf0de20a
Merge pull request #78 from jpcima/swanky-amp 1 year ago
  Jean Pierre Cimalando 908441782c Make it compatible with C++14 1 year ago