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README (documentation)
FLTK 1.3 documentation is available in HTML and PDF format. The
documentation must be generated in a separate step or downloaded
from FLTK's software download pages. The documentation can also
be accessed online.

To read the docs after downloading or generating them, open the


with your browser or PDF viewer, respectively.

Online Documentation:
A documentation version is available online at the FLTK web site,
along with the PDF version of the manual. The docs on the web site
are usually somewhat older (latest release). Use this URL to find
the current online documentation:

Documentation Download:
To download pre-generated docs, go to

and look for the files


Extract the documentation tarballs into the same directory as you
did with the source tarball.

Generation of Documentation:
To generate the documentation yourself, you should have Doxygen
version 1.5.7 or later (recommended version is 1.7.3).

To generate the PDF version you also need a current version of LaTeX.
You can use the packages tetex (older) or texlive (current) if your
distribution provides them. You may need to install additional fonts
and other sub-packages for the PDF version to be generated correctly.

Use "make html" in the documentation directory to generate the HTML
documentation, or "make pdf" to generate the PDF version. "make dist"
generates both versions in one step (as would do "make clean html pdf").

To read the HTML or PDF docs, see above.

FLTK Developer Snapshots or Subversion Usage:
There is no pre-generated documentation available if you use a current
developer snapshot or subversion. You must generate the documentation

Bugs and Feature Requests:
If you find any typos, things that are unclear, or would like to
contribute an example, section, or chapter to the FLTK manual, please
post a question in the fltk newsgroup fltk.general or post a bug
report or feature request at: