Non reinvents the DAW. Powerful enough to form a complete studio, fast and light enough to run on low-end hardware like the eeePC or Raspberry Pi, and so reliable that it can be used live
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# -*- mode: org -*-

* Non-things build instructions

This repository contains all of the non-* software.

** Getting NTK

If you just cloned the non repository or just executed git pull, then
you should also run

git submodule update --init

to pull down the latest NTK code required by Non. Git does *not* do
this automatically.

** Building NTK

If you don't have NTK installed system-wide (which isn't very likely
yet) you *MUST* begin the build process by typing:

cd lib/ntk
./waf configure

Once NTK has been built you must install it system-wide before
attempting to build the non-* programs.

To install NTK type:

su -c './waf install'

** Build all projects


./waf configure
su -c './waf install'

from the base of the checkout of the Non git repository will build and
install all of the non-* programs together.

** Build a single project


./waf configure --project=[timline|sequencer|mixer|session-manager]
su -c './waf install'