Non reinvents the DAW. Powerful enough to form a complete studio, fast and light enough to run on low-end hardware like the eeePC or Raspberry Pi, and so reliable that it can be used live
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Jonathan Moore Liles b56b2e0b21 Add full GPL text. 15 years ago
FL Clean up menu code. Assure valid callbacks. 15 years ago
Timeline Add some missing GPL headers. 15 years ago
pixmaps Add logos to pixmaps directory and use PNG at runtime rather than 16 years ago
scripts configure: Pull version test fix from Non-Sequencer. 15 years ago
util Add Project_Info_Dialog. 15 years ago
.gitignore Minor build cleanup. 15 years ago
COPYING Add full GPL text. 15 years ago
Makefile makefile: rename make.conf to .config. Handle missing .config gracefully. 15 years ago
configure configure: cleanups. 15 years ago
remove-unused-sources Add script to remove unused sources from a sesssion. 16 years ago