5 Commits (cdad26211b301d2fad55a26812169ab905b85bbb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jonathan Moore Liles b7b3d499e5 Mixer: Enable keyboard value input and mouse value dragging on slider controls. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 550fb651c7 Mixer: Improve knob and slider appearance. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles c2bf264120 FL: Remove now unnecessary override of mousewheel behavior in Fl_Value_SliderX 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles df0a9c4267 Mixer: Make slider types optional too. 11 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 65d4293665 Mixer: Improve the mousewheel behavior of Fl_Arc_Dial and add Fl_Value_SliderX. 14 years ago