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Added info about MIDI controller usage, and info on getting OSC paths for Module controls.
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respectively, and `f` and `s` switch between /fader/ and /signal/
views. The strip's context menu can be invoked without the mouse by
hitting the `Menu` key (assuming your keyboard has one).
::: MIDI Controllers

Usual Midi bindings can be achieved by launching both non-mixer
and non-midi-mapper through non-session-manager.
non-midi mapper is usually included in non-mixer package.
After launching them through non-session-manager connect JACK-Midi
output to Non-MIDI-Mapper input.
Then you can use 'Start learning', which is accesible through Remote
Control menu of the Mixer. Select desirable control and use MIDI device.

::: Signal Chain

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For the second instance of the Gain module on the strip named 'Foo'.

There's a possibility to get exact OSC path for module controls.
For this you need to switch strip mode to 'Signl', right click a
module, for example 'Gain', and open 'Edit parameters' dialog. OSC
path will be shown in a statusbar of the main window when you
hover a parameter.

Non-DAW accesses these same signals via a more advanced signal
routing layer on top of OSC. Any module parameter is easily
controlled via Control Sequences in Non-DAW without the need to