Non reinvents the DAW. Powerful enough to form a complete studio, fast and light enough to run on low-end hardware like the eeePC or Raspberry Pi, and so reliable that it can be used live
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README.packagers 1006B

  1. # -*- mode: org -*-
  2. * Notes to Packagers
  3. Non-Mixer, Non-DAW, and Non-Session-Manager, although stored in the
  4. same repository, are completely independent programs which can be
  5. built and packaged separately (see
  6. If you're having trouble adapting to Non's build system, please
  7. contact me directly or post to one of the Non mailing lists with your
  8. issue rather than just attempting to hack past the build system.
  9. Also, if your distribution has quirks prevent Non-* from building,
  10. please send me a message about it, as I'd like to know about these
  11. issues so that I can incorporate that knowledge into the build system
  12. so those building Non-* directly from the repository on those
  13. distributions can also benefit!
  14. Also, please stop telling people I'm dead. I'm not dead--I'm just
  15. practicing. If you were me, you might be dead, but I'm not. So,
  16. seriously, stop it.
  17. Thanks,
  18. Jonathan Moore Liles <>
  19. P.S. Furthermore, please quit listing crazy random stuff as dependencies.