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  Nils 1f193b71c2 Create 'extras' directory to hold helper libraries etc. pynsm is now part of this repository 1 year ago
  Nils 0a16b92532 CHANGELOG and regenerate docs and manpages 1 year ago
  Nils 09975f4857 link api directly in the readme 2 years ago
  Nils 972b8ca3ad Change all occurences of argodejo to agordejo 2 years ago
  Nils 6c08d5c27c Readme.md 2 years ago
  Nils 1c32d71057 Add docs URL to readme 2 years ago
  Nils 47e30cc6b3 Add documentation, manpages, update all executable to have --help commandline parameters 2 years ago
  Nils 55b4888064 Mention FLTK version in the readme 2 years ago
  Nils 9257a456ad
Rename new-session-manager executable to nsm-legacy-gui to prevent future confusion. 2 years ago
  Nils 248e2039e6
Fix fix 2 years ago
  Nils b0f21b6dc6
Fix readme. nsmd does not depend on jack 2 years ago
  Nils 326a46ce9f
Meson build targets now options. Reflect in readme 2 years ago
  Nils caaac190dd readme update 2 years ago
  falkTX b9a1a2df68
Fix spelling in README 2 years ago
  Nils 53cab9f9bf Better readme. update changelog 2 years ago
  Nils 08804dbafc README additions for actual users 2 years ago
  Nils 7e4db46e53 Fix readme layout 2 years ago
  Nils 7f237fe5d5 update readme for new/old FLTK tools and current state 2 years ago
  Nils 3814780563 Change license to GPLv3 but do _not_ claim copyright for unaltered files 2 years ago
  Nils d8d57424a7 Fight markdown syntax 2 years ago
  Nils 310f372e54 Readme for meson 2 years ago
  Nils a144f6abc5 Add mission statement and explanations to readme 2 years ago
  Nils 80e9f4bd09 remove timeline sequencer mixer 2 years ago
  Nils 922e632317 Readme for this intermediate state 2 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 88b552ea00 Fix typo in README.build. 9 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 1c7a64e266 Update build instructions. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles d86b71cb2c Replace custom build system with WAF. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 455fb7e1b9 scripts: Don't automatically run configure script on make. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 12ed651e13 scripts: More changes to support using system installed NTK. Don't automatically assume user wants to checkout/build NTK submodule. 10 years ago
  Jonathan Moore Liles 14d189c939 Update Makefile to automatically checkout NTK submodule and add README.build file. 10 years ago