149 Commits (aa275762364b9d71c3bfca673e9c78df6d407aa9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  luz paz 0fe68adecc Fix misc. typos 2 years ago
  falkTX 3009d7d606 Make sure we use python3 (another patch from Fedora) 4 years ago
  falkTX 93619ed0c5 Make sure we use python3 (another patch from Fedora) 4 years ago
  luz.paz a93b210134 FIx doxygen and user facing and non-facing typos 4 years ago
  Thomas Brand be77f9e4f8 Add script to test jack_property (Metadata) 4 years ago
  Thomas Brand 888759347d Test: exclude tests using deprecated functions for now. 4 years ago
  Thomas Brand 54e03c12af add another testcase for client name 4 years ago
  Thomas Brand 9753f71069 NO-OP whitespace / indentation 4 years ago
  Thomas Brand 1050436b33 Use memset to fill buffer. Add test marker. 4 years ago
  Thomas Brand 667e06890e Fix off-by-one NULL termination in array 4 years ago
  falkTX 7dfdbe133a
Cleanup some warnings 5 years ago
  Karl Linden f5f22c6bef
Revert "Fix unused{,-but-set}-variable compiler warnings." 5 years ago
  Karl Linden dde9f29a8e Fix unused{,-but-set}-variable compiler warnings. 6 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 6ccfdc1058 Mass-fix spelling errors 5 years ago
  Kjetil Matheussen f7bccdca65 Tests: Fix compilation with gcc7 6 years ago
  Karl Linden c21c774855
waf: Nitpick styling for consistency. Fixes #172. 6 years ago
  Rahul Bedarkar 1dc83fd7de tests: define __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS 7 years ago
  Adrian Knoth ff1ed2c452 Fix initialization in test/iodelay.cpp 7 years ago
  Karl Linden af99165ef6
Drop problematic CPPFLAGS for MacOSX. 8 years ago
  falkTX 05216197b4 Make JackPortRenameCallback return void, to match JACK1 API 8 years ago
  Stephane Letz 76491d3bc5 Add more tests for client registration code in test.cpp. 11 years ago
  Stephane Letz bebd4d3d69 Make API test more robust. 11 years ago
  Stephane Letz e4730c6c97 Fix some incoherency with strings. 11 years ago
  Stephane Letz 4ab01b7c94 Correct jack_test for jack_port_name_size. 11 years ago
  Stephane Letz 07223bc460 Add tests to check jack_client_name_size and jack_port_name_size API. 11 years ago
  Stephane Letz 67ac44402f merge new MTDM code from Fons' latest release. 11 years ago
  Stephane Letz 6483c0d5eb New jack_get_cycle_times() implementation from Fons Adriennsen. 11 years ago
  Stephane Letz 94cb2ee9a1 Compiles again on Windows. 11 years ago
  Stephane Letz 4a289f48d9 Correct JackMessageBuffer::SetInitCallback. 11 years ago
  Stephane Letz 4f0474f334 Correct debug targets on Windows, use jack_free in test.cpp. 11 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 329d83c92b swtich from uselib/uselib_local to use 11 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 971b1656d5 switch from bld.new_task_gen() to bld() 11 years ago
  Adrian Knoth e689393daa wscript: fix indentation error 11 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 58036bc80f Run 2to3 on all wscript files. 11 years ago
  sletz 9f4df15abb Factorize code the server/client request. 12 years ago
  sletz 85df85f520 Fix for compilation on Solaris. 12 years ago
  sletz f0a9512dd7 Improve some of example-clients, cleanup. 12 years ago
  Stephane Letz 734e450924 NetJack2 code cleanup. 12 years ago
  sletz 6faac69942 Use jack_free instead of free. 12 years ago
  sletz b1185fcc9f Fix compilation of iodelay.cpp. 12 years ago
  sletz 885a6b7cf2 Make the printed output of jack_iodelay more useful to actual users. 12 years ago
  nedko 08876bd6eb fix compile warnings 12 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov c420e6508e wscript: on macos build for x86_64 as well 12 years ago
  sletz ecb84b5f9f rebase from trunk 4238:4306 12 years ago
  sletz f942ca2284 Correct linking issues. 12 years ago
  Stephane Letz 9ce3e4fc52 Correct test.cpp. 12 years ago
  sletz a7e8377441 rebase from trunk 4083:4180 12 years ago
  sletz 1aac5898c8 Correct tests wscript. 12 years ago
  sletz 21dfcfe606 Rename jdelay to jack_iodelay as per Fons' request. 12 years ago
  sletz 4574b6cfbd Fix jdelay for new latency API. 12 years ago