30 Commits (aa275762364b9d71c3bfca673e9c78df6d407aa9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Runge aa27576236
Fix wscripts syntax (#826) 1 year ago
  Goran Mekić 5c667d5282 Add FreeBSD support 2 years ago
  falkTX 3009d7d606 Make sure we use python3 (another patch from Fedora) 3 years ago
  falkTX 93619ed0c5 Make sure we use python3 (another patch from Fedora) 3 years ago
  falkTX 7dfdbe133a
Cleanup some warnings 4 years ago
  Karl Linden c21c774855
waf: Nitpick styling for consistency. Fixes #172. 6 years ago
  Karl Linden af99165ef6
Drop problematic CPPFLAGS for MacOSX. 7 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 329d83c92b swtich from uselib/uselib_local to use 11 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 971b1656d5 switch from bld.new_task_gen() to bld() 11 years ago
  Adrian Knoth e689393daa wscript: fix indentation error 11 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 58036bc80f Run 2to3 on all wscript files. 11 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov c420e6508e wscript: on macos build for x86_64 as well 12 years ago
  sletz a7e8377441 rebase from trunk 4083:4180 12 years ago
  sletz 1aac5898c8 Correct tests wscript. 12 years ago
  sletz 21dfcfe606 Rename jdelay to jack_iodelay as per Fons' request. 12 years ago
  sletz 32987ca1d2 Merge Solaris branch back on trunk. 14 years ago
  sletz ced531da2e Remove unused example clients. 15 years ago
  sletz 8273564a04 Cleanup, renaming. 15 years ago
  sletz 88c195d43a Correct wscript for jack_disconnect installation, various renaming. 15 years ago
  sletz fe55fec58c Move external_metro code in test folder and add some tests to check client behaviour when server is shutdown. 15 years ago
  nedko 3383f36952 Import waf.diff patch sent Stephane Letz 15 years ago
  sletz 3d037195c5 Add build of jdelay in test programs. 15 years ago
  sletz 3e01068967 Merge Michael Voigt drops branch after reorganization step. 15 years ago
  sletz cf05030ed7 Correct text wscript. 15 years ago
  sletz 61dd62ea60 Move jack_server_control in example-clients. 15 years ago
  sletz a52cb6eaa4 Internal clients enumeration working. 15 years ago
  sletz c41c5f12b8 Fix JackFrameTimer::Time2Frames and JackTimer::Frames2Time, jack_cpu compiled again. 15 years ago
  sletz 2ff0ab3989 DBUS working on OSX 15 years ago
  sletz 3f0c87526c On OSX waf now compiles Universal Binaries. 15 years ago
  sletz f49f2c72ac Update waf for compilation on OSX. 15 years ago
  nedko fab1fbf9d6 waf: Dont install tests (except jack_test) 15 years ago
  nedko d2ac15c4d1 waf: build tests 15 years ago