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  sletz 54ebab2cf2 rebase from trunk 3930:3966 13 years ago
  sletz 85a525d60b Fix errors found by cppcheck. 13 years ago
  sletz ead2ee061a Cleanup for compilation with gcc 4.3 15 years ago
  sletz 171a3c4a0d Client and library global context cleanup in case of incorrect shutdown handling (that is applications not correctly closing client after server has shutdown). 15 years ago
  sletz 196afce586 Code cleanup. 15 years ago
  sletz d241da3a3e Typo. 15 years ago
  sletz 8a2d20540c Fix Windows version. 15 years ago
  sletz fe55fec58c Move external_metro code in test folder and add some tests to check client behaviour when server is shutdown. 15 years ago
  sletz 017ae25784 Cleanup 17 years ago
  sletz 73e2d7a6d3 First import 17 years ago